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7 months ago

Yoon’s kitchen is a hidden gem in Rosedale! Thier food is so unique and yummy! Went with my friends on a Saturday morning and the place is so cozy and lovely! Must try their kumara cheese with pork!! Definitely will be back again next time🥳

8 months ago

I have been here several times and tried their cheese katsu (which was pretty good but since they raised their price I think its too expensive) their pork soup, their spicy tofu soup and cold noodles. I have to say that each dish has been surprisingly delicious with each dish having a certain x factor that made it extraordinary. It was certainly not plain, common Korean food and you can tell they spent a lot of time thinking about each element of food and side dishes that marry up perfectly. I recently got a takeaway soup and it was rich in flavour and so scrumptious. I recall ordering coffee with some skepticism and being pleasantly surprised at the top quality. The only sort of setback are the increased prices but actually if you think about costs of food nowadays it has generally increased so maybe it is fair. They also have lots of daily/monthly specials so you can fully take advantage of that. Highly recommend trying this place out

8 months ago

First time going here, food was absolutely delicious. I was greeted by a friendly lady as soon as I walked in, will definitely be back.

Yoon's Kitchen, Rosedale
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35 Apollo Drive, Rosedale, Auckland
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Yoon's Kitchen, Rosedale