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Delicious meatballs. Juicy and creamy. My favorite were the venison meatballs. A bit overpriced though. Lamb ribs were too greasy and fatty so I don’t recommend it. I will go there again to try other dishes.

Best Italian I've ever had, great service and environment. The attendent has been well trained and gave us an appropriate suggestion for the wine sellection. Stunning food personally I love the steak and tiramisu, the duck is a bit salty and heavy for me. Overall, a great resturant will definitely come back :)

taste good,but service not that perfect compared with the environment and food quality. cocktail is nice,honestly, I don’t know whether I will be there again, but it is still a good try to enjoy a meal there

Everything was good here, in general. I am just going to point out few things. 1) The meatballs was way too small in portion for the price and the taste. 2) The food is out very slow. It took just under two hours to have everything served. Giving it a 4/5 as the food was good in general and staff was friendly. Tables beside and behind us questioned when their food will be served. For them it took more than 2 hours because they came before us.

Tasty and fresh! We were lucky enough to be treated by Frederic Cheng (021 073 9093) Mercedes Benz North Shore! Always buy from him to get awesome perks! Delicious meatballs, great starters, yummy clams. Have been back with the family and enjoy it every time. Incredible service, highly recommended! Service: 5/5 Presentation: 5/5 Food Quality: 5/5 Food Quantity: 5/5 Price per person: $50-$80

My girlfriend and I tried a couple of dishes from Baduzzi at Taste of Auckland and we loved it. My gf then took me to Baduzzi for my birthday. Great customer service and food is amazing. The dessert tiramisu is AWESOMEEE. Baduzzi is now my top 3 restaurants in Auckland. Customer Service: 8/10 Food: 8.5/10 Atmosphere: 8/10 (Busy and bustling) Will definitely be going back to try their other dishes Date: December 2017

The food here is great, the best Italian I've had. Light and delicious. They offer some great vegetarian options. Staff are super friendly and considerate. The only downside is that the portion size can be small for some people. But I found it was satisfying with the starter.

Food amazing, especially the crayfish meatballs and clam vongole. Wine recommendation also went very well with the food we ordered. The only downside was that we couldn’t be seated at a bigger table despite some of the bigger tables being unoccupied, even when we told the waitress that we’re looking at sharing 5-6 dishes (between the three of us). Also there was a bit of a waiting time in between some of the dishes but we weren’t in any hurry so that was alright. 4.5 star rating for the food, wine and overall atmosphere , even for lunch.

One of proofs that Auckland can offer world class food. Everything I had here was amazing, but the pasta with duck was outstanding even in a five stars menu. All ingredients were fresh and cooked to perfection, making me enjoy every single bite. I try carpaccio everywhere I can and this one was memorable, one of the few served in the right temperature and showing the best flavour of the meat. My experience only wasn't perfect cos the service was a bit lost. The waiter was kind, but couldn't answer most of the question I've asked.

I come here every now and then to indulge myself in amazing food. They have a great array of Italian and New Zealand wines perfect for any diner. They are just always so busy hey they really deserve it. All praises go to the hardworking staff, they are so professional all of them and lovely and actually enjoy working there you could tell. One time this lady went through the whole menu in detail, including wine pairings and tastings for a group of friends of mine who had never been. They have the BEST meatballs in the country, if you havent, go try the red deer meatballs. They are one of the very few restaurants who knows how to cook risotto, beetroot papardelle is everyone's fav and pork carbonara is just out of this world. When it comes to Italian food you're not complete without Italian tomato sauce and I recommend the eggplant parmigiana, super fresh and mindblowing, traditional and rustic, crispy and moist. They are just so professional you almost do not have to ask for stuff because they attend to you even before you realise you need something. Love the warm plates they set the bar very high for both Italian restaurant and others in their price range and offering. The best part is always desserts :) the most amazing tiramisu, enough on the plate for you to taste it until you go home. Chocolate torta is fabulous and pairing with raspberry sorbet is genius. Ricotta canolli is rich and indulgent. This is why I keep coming back to order different mix of desserts :D Pricewise good amount of meal with individual dessert and wine I would say $55-$60 on average but it is always more than worth it. When I pay and they ask my reply is defaulted to "incredible as always"

Stunning food great service. Had a celebratory lunch at badduzzi today. Food was fantastic and service excellent. Helpful staff and wonderful outcome ending with a chocolate dream. Will definitely be back. A perfect Italian long lunch

Always a treat going here. Love how cosy and relaxed it is with menus that always keep you wanting more. Sharing small plates while sipping away on good wine, the nights disappear way too quickly. Shame about its placement on Wynyard Quarter, it would do so much better in another location I'm sure

Great placement, Great food. Been here with my friend and we were very impressed. Selection of wines are very good too. The Tiramisu I had for dessert was also wonderful. Great restaurant to treat yourself and others you care for. would definitely go back.

Without a doubt, Baduzzi is the best restaurant in Wyndham Quarter. We went for the first time pre-show on Friday night. It was getting very busy at 5.45 probably as it is just around the corner from the ASB Waterfront Theatre. They asked if we had to leave by a certain time and we were gone within 75 mins of sitting down. We started with 4 meatballs - we chose 2 venison and 2 lamb. Both were delicious and exactly the right size for an entree for 2 people. For our main we got the steak tagliata to share. This came with a rocket salad and was again excellent. We also had a side dish of artichokes that were very different but complimented the staek well. For dessert we got the tiramasu that was recommended. I have never had a tiramasu quite like this one - this was by far the best ever! The wine list was good but not many NZ wines to choose from. I have a thing about only drinking NZ wines when we go out so we chose an Osawa Sangiovese from Hawkes Bay and enjoyed that. Service was excellent and the place was buzzing. We will be back and highly recommend

Amazing Italian and fantastic atmosphere . Busy but speedy service and attentive staff make it a great place for dinner. Tried the duck pasta as recommended by so many on here and it didn't disappoint . Favourite dish was the eggplant parmigiana

I had lunch at baduzzi with some work colleagues after a few recommendations. We weren't disappointed. The selection on the menu made it difficult to choose as all sounded so good! The staff were friendly and professional and the food was also great. Considering service, food quality etc I'd say it's good value for money, but by no means a low cost meal. Worth it though and I'll be back with friends to try the wine list next time.

Great vibe, food was divine and customer service was excellent. Would definitely like to come back and recommend it to friends. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Baduzzi is best place in Wynyard Quarter i ever eaten. From wood fired prawn with light sauce, bread and main i had vongole with clam, chilli and herb was superb and fresh. Service is 5/5 and food was 5star 😊highly recommend to all.

Amazing restaurant with great service and a super wine list. The meatballs here are super, and the duck ragut is an institution in Auckland. Highly recommended the cured meats and pickles too. It's hard not to over order here... but it's worth it!

High praises for my experience here. We ordered a rump steak and a clam linguine and we weren't disappointed! The linguine although simple was exquisite. This place certainly becomes my favourite in Auckland central now ... and I'll visit more often 😊

After hearing many raves about this place I finally got to experience Baduzzi today.  I was not disappointed at all.  The ambience is truly amazing - classic, retro and extremely comfortable.  The staff are attentive, patient and very welcoming. The food was the best part - authentic and delicately made Italian cuisine, definitely not your average.  Ordered the eggplant parmigiana and I cannot fault it - it just tasted like wholesome, hearty, flavoursome pasta.  We also shared the chocolate and raspberry for dessert and the photos shown here do not give the taste justice!  A must-visit, will be back soon for sure.

This place definitely met all my expectations from all the hype! The meatballs were amazing, soft and flavourful. The size of them were surprisingly big which was nice and you can order how many you want freely to suit your group. Pasta was fresh, hearty and cooked perfectly. I did find the duck pasta a little on the salty side but it was still delicious. The tables for two are a little small if you are a big eater and order more than 3 dishes to come at the same time. Overall, the interior and ambience was nice. A restaurant that leaves you feeling very satisfied and comforted. I will definitely return to try more of their menu!

Always delicious. The food is top notch, service is outstanding, wine list is awesome. The duck ragu is always a favourite and the meatballs are delish. I wish they did a more traditional tiramisu rather than their deconstructed version but you can't have everything!

Came here on Saturday 6pm. Walking in the restaurant we had to wait a few minutes before we were even seen. Waitresses could be a bit more observant. We got their Flat Iron Steak Tagliata; medium rare as that was what the waitress recommended. And for dessert I got the Cassata with pistachios. Maybe because I was hungry, but I finished the steak within 10 minutes because it was that good. The steak pieces sat elegantly in a bed of creamy and smooth mashed potato, next to a blanket of beautifully presented rocket salad with vinegar dressing and shaved Parmesan. The smokiness of the Lamb was cooked to perfection; the outer skin was slightly crispy and seasoning was perfect. The rocket salad WAS AMAZING. The leaves were drizzled in the sauce, which made it limp and hence easier to eat. It was a burst of flavour. One of the best rocket salads I've ever had. The potato mash was to die for; creamy, moist, flavoursome and warm. My plate was SPICK AND SPAN, I literally scraped every bit of mash off the plate. The dessert; I will never forget the texture and taste. The dried strawberries and raspberry sorbet were refreshingly sour, complemented by the sweetness of biscuits. The cassata itself WAS THE STAR. If you're a fan of big crunchy textures THIS IS FOR YOU! The generous toppings of pistachio and the cream of the cake--lost for words. Its crunchy and exciting and every bite gives you a different experience and leaves you wanting more. It's not sweet at all, it's mild and is a nice gentle way to end the meal. Service was a bit disappointing, waitresses kept walking past us but I think they operate where the same person serves you from start to finish. Price: 8/10 Food: 10/10 Ambience: 10/10 Service: 9/10

I came here for my birthday last year and I really enjoyed the experience. The food was seasoned nicely and the dishes were beautiful! I even got a surprise birthday cake, which was awesome and it made my day! The staff were lovely and they made the effort to make sure everything was okay. I totally recommend this restaurant and I would come back with my family next time!

Amazing food with great presentation and beautiful flavour combinations. Very prompt and friendly service. Will definitely be back here to try more off the menu!!!

Visited this place on a Tuesday night with my friends. I like the ambience of the place, very romantic and cozy. Service was quick and staff was helpful. As for food, we ordered one red deer meatball dish, one huntsman rabbit risotto and one duck pasta. Love the meatball, especially the gravy, perfect to eat with bread. The duck pasta was also delicious and served with yummy side salad. I'm not a big fan of the risotto to be honest. Now my friends and I all think that everything was too salty and we had to drink a lot of water during the meals, maybe saltiness is a characteristic of this type of cuisine? I can't say for sure. The highlight of dinner was the dessert as we all ordered tiramisu. It was kinda deconstructed i think, a lot of interesting texture and very creamy which i love. Baduzzi might just be a dessert place for me.

Went there for lunch with my partner. Love the decor. The food was soooooo delicious. Every single dish we ordered was perfect. The desserts were pretty and yummmm!!! Would definitely go back again

It was a good experience at Baduzzi for lunch. Shaved wagyu tongue, bagna càuda, bone marrow... & wild red deer meatballs, portobello mushroom, parsnip cream; rabbit, porcini, grilled radicchio with risotto & duck, porcini ragu with pasta... All looked very special, however tasted a bit not as appealing as their appearance. Seasoning was rather heavy (on the duck & risotto); wagyu tongue was bland; bone marrow was hardly in sight.  Anyway, they were worth a try. (Food - 4/5; Service - 4/5; Ambience - 3.5/5)

Amazing amazing amazing best pasta eva! We ordered carpaccio with creme fraise sorbet, light and divine. Followed it with pappardelle, so tasty and the agnolotti, melts in your mouth a MUST have here. We were very hungry so added the linguine with clams, if you love seafood taste then you'll love this. The crayfish meatballs are also a must have. Rocket salad added some greens. Yes the 3 of us polished off dessert too. Tiramisu- I've never liked but this is the nicest I've ever tried. The ricotta with the confit - bliss and the cassata I didn't try but others loved it. $150 for food - worth every bite

Very helpful and friendly staff. The food was amazing and definitely well presented. Easy to find and heaps of parking (free for first hour). Highly recommend.

Authentic Italiano I have to say I'm big on the creamy pasta, but they showed me something so different. The Ragu meatball pasta hands down was my fave, also the zucchini flower * drooling* small pricey portions but just pack more cash 😘 Service 5/5 Food 5/5 Price 3/5 (but that's because I wanted to buy more ) Ambience 4/5

Great waitress judika was amazing! Uniforms look amazing and fresh. The chef glen is also on fine form 😉 i cant get over how amazing this place is bring one out east 😍😍

The interior of the restaurant was beautiful which suitable for special occasions. We ordered many dishes as I went in a big group. Every dish was very tasty & delicious. However our waitress took off few unfinished dishes ☹️ We had to tell her do not take away unfinished dishes when she consistently asked us finished dishes or not which ware obviously not empty yet. Unfortunately the waitress spoiled the dinner

really nice atmosphere and the food was amazing. I got the meatballs and a drink and it was amazing. The meat was really soft and packed a lot of flavour- however i just wish there had been more than 3 meatballs for the price of 16. But that hardly brought down my experience. I'll be back again!

This is one of my absolute favourite auckland eats!! must try the meat board to start (so ideal for sharing and snacking on with drinks), along with something from their meatball range. The courgette flowers are off the chart and a must have!! Along with the duck paperdelle, or if your dining with a few why not share one of their spectacularly cooked steaks that comes with buttery garlic mash and rocket. Bartenders are knowledgeable with making a wild blueberry mojito. Dessert is always a hit too ❤️

Note that I did not eat in - but got two take-away lunch orders today.  One was was pretty bad and the other terrible.  First was a ham hock and winter veges and kale soup with a can of Sen. Pel.  The soup was insipid and oily and they asked me what beverage I wanted and then got that wrong.  The other was a sandwich - schnitzel and pickles.  The meat was tough as old boots and the flat bread that it came on even tougher.  A real disappointment - and also terrible value for $25 all up.  The staff member was pleasant which was why the got a '2' and not lower.

A really nice ambiance! The food is very delicious and the desserts was even better. Booking is essential as this place gets so packed! The food came out quite fast and the waiters are very accommodating.

Food was great, recommend the tiramisu and the pork carbonara. One of the best pork I had in NZ. Service, however was average. The waiter that took the order looks unpleasant when we decided not to order salad as a side and drinks.

The food was phenomenal and service was pretty good despite it being a very busy night. The highlight for me was the tiramisu- very elegantly plated and flavors were just brilliant.

It's a beautiful place with a open kitchen and the best prawns ever! The guy who served us was amazing as well, he for real explained every dish on the menu to us, making the choice really easy however, we ended up eating everything on the menu! I just can't say which one was the best, because I LOVED IT ALL! Oh the deserts too were next level. Must go guys, MUST GO!

Loved every dish I have tried here. Not a big fan of sea food but this place has surely changed that with the crayfish meatballs which are my favourite. The eggplant parmigiana is always my go to dish when I'm wanting something cheesy. Recently tried the duck pasta and wow what a well put together dish, recommend that to try for sure !! The highlight of going to baduzzi is always the Tiramisu dessert which always leaves me wanting more every time!

Best Italian in Auckland. If we forget the food for a second, the atmosphere and service you receive from staff sets the bar very high. I've been to Baduzzi countless times now and they have been consistent in the quality of their food served. You can taste the freshness in their pastas, not only are their dishes very technical but they also have outstanding flavour combinations. I usually have a wine when I come here for obvious reasons, but the last time I came I had a cocktail which was beautiful and refreshing. If you are a chocolate lover and you don't try their chocolate desert then you are seriously missing out!! In short - nothing to fault.

Really cute location and lovely staff. I ordered the duck pasta but was not really a fan. My sister on the other hand really enjoyed it so it might just be a taste thing . My mum ordered a prawn or scallop I can't remember exactly but it was amazing

A few weeks ago, you may have seen that we ran our first competition for our readers. All you had to do was tag three of your favourite Auckland restaurants on Instagram and tag a friend who you’d like to take with you. Our lucky winner was Hansa and her prize was dinner with us at one of the restaurants she tagged.She made a very good choice in picking Italian gem Baduzzi. Situated on the corner of Jellicoe Street and Fish Lane on the North Wharf we were given a nice table in the pretty courtyard area.

What a little gem!Service was very attentive and helpful when looking through the menu and trying to understand the well set out Italian menu Red wine was bery good and the food was amazing. The lobster tortellini was yummy and the special zucchini flowers with goats cheese was delicious. Had to try the chocolate tart for dessert..Amazing textures and flavours were well balanced.Looking to return and try some more uniquely set out di@shes

Okay, went to this restaurant for my birthday a couple of weeks ago with high expectations from all the positive reviews and the drool worthy photos. My amazing friends bought me a cake that we took to the restaurant and unfortunately they said we can't bring cakes and that we weren't allowed to have it there. Really?! I guess it's understandable but it totally killed the mood straight away. Anyway, service was really average and at a place like this I expected the wait staff to bring their A game. We ordered our food and out they came smelling wonderful. My partner and I got the duck Ragu, meat/ bread platter, clam linguini, and the crayfish meatballs. My favourite was the clam linguini. The duck was quite salty and the sauce was over reduced to the point where a few mouthfuls were enough. The cured meats were nice but again, nothing special about them. Crayfish meatballs were okay but 3 for $27?! Definitely overpriced. My friends also thought the food was good, but not amazing. Overall, I'm quite disappointed. For what you're paying, I expect better service and amazing food and unfortunately what we got was okay service and slightly above average food.

The service, experience and food here is just delightful and instantly transports you to what you'd hope to experience in a restaurant in Italy. The knowledgeable and attentive wait staff are helpful but not over bearing. Desserts were surprisingly large but incredible! The tortellini were mouth watering. Highly recommend.

Went there on a Saturday night. It was busy but it doesn't feel packed. Awesome food, great service, great environment! Had the king prawns for starter, followed by the duck pasta, eggplant and lamb riblets, then finished with the crostata. The prawn was just flawless, the lamb was a little salty, but was balanced out with the eggplant. Love the dessert the most!

Quite glad I came with a group since we were then able to order quite a few items on the menu to share. We ordered a few items from each to get a range of different items to try. Of the different dishes the duck ragout with pasta and the lamb ribs were really tasty and nice. The meatballs were also quite good. The service here was amazing. The servers showed up when we were wanting them most of the time. They were also quite efficient in removing empty plates from the table so we could put more food on the table. It came to about $60pp for a 3 course meal plus drinks for four people. I can see now why this place is quite popular,

Beautiful food, great location and nice service. We had a big company lunch here some time ago and it was a great experience. The Bistecca and Squid Ink risotto were my personal favourites.

Just go to Baduzzi. Doesn't matter what you're in the mood for, if it's a special occasion or not, just go.That's all you need to know. It's one of the best restaurants in a city bristling with good places to eat. The point of separation is care. Care about the way you're greeted, how the staff talk and act, how the food tastes and is sourced, care how you're attended to during the meal, and care afterwards. I It might be one of the best run restaurants in the hemisphere. The staff are awesome and I feel 99/100 other places could learn a thing or two about customer management and the seemingly trivial task of delivering food to a table. As far as the food goes it's exemplary. It's beautiful to look at, it's rustic and simple yet daring and inventive, the wine list is impeccably resourced to compliment the meals coming out swiftly from the kitchen that runs like clockwork.  I've worked in kitchens all my life. I know how they should be run and this is a restaurant that holds itself to very high standard and always delivers.

I'm not usually a massive fan of Italian as I don't usually like pasta but this was absolutely incredible. I am definitely converted. I very rarely love every part of the meal, but each and every part of this meal was delicious. There was so much flavour and each dish was the perfect size. The staff were lovely and very helpful with the menu and the ambience of the restaurant was lovely. Gorgeous out door area. I would highly recommend this restaurant and especially the lamb meat balls, duck maltagliati and tiramisu!!

Went here for dinner tonight with a girlfriend and 10/10 would recommend! The staff were really nice and really helpful with explaining the menu. Decor and atmosphere of the place was great. The best part was the food by far! I had the zucchini flowers to start, beetroot pappardelle and the cassata for desert. Every part of my meal was delicious. I haven't had good Italian food in a really long time. So if you love Italian food, this would be my best recommendation for a amazing pasta!

This Italian is one of the gems of the viaduct restaurant crowd. The atmosphere here is always great, busy.. but so chilled, you just know everyone is having a good night. We couldn't possibly pick just one thing off their menu.. from their King Prawns, to Red Deer Meatballs and Duck Maltagliata.. we're yet to try anything less than amazing here. Their wine selection is top notch too.. so grab a sauv and just enjoy the vibes of great food and great service and one of the best Italians in Auckland.

Honestly the service from this Italian resto is superb. As first timers some time ago. Our waiter explained to us our menu and allowed for us ample time to decide what to order. He also chucked in some recommendations which we ended up going by and they were 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 I think we ended up going for the duck pasta and the clam shells one and they were both really good. Plus points for an actual well heated outdoor area! Good job baduzzi

The interior of this place was lovely, especially the bar area. Ox Tongue w/ bone marrow - Bursts of flavour. Crayfish meatballs - complimented with good aged cheese. Sauce was a tomato based pasta-like sauce. Decent but it didn't blow me away. Deer meatballs - Sauce was super salty. Made lips wrinkle. Overpowering salt ruined that taste. Beef Rump - Topped with a rocket salad with balsamic. The buttery mash potato really complicated the steak. However the rump was not cooked evenly. Went for medium rare and about a fifth of the rump was over done and burnt on the outer. Again salt was overused and a little overpowering. We were expecting more for the meatballs, and probably won't return for the them again as they were a let down this time, but may visit to try the desserts and pastas.

We came here for anniversary dinner, oh my, the food was AMAZING!! We ordered the beef tongue and meat balls for entree , clam pasta and deer pasta as main and the tiramisu for dessert !! My favorites were .... all of them. Reminds me of the Italian dining experience but better - the fresh ingredients , the lovely presentation . We will definitely come back. Did I say the tiramisu was the best I ever had ?

Have visited several times and have been looked after well. Nice menu and atmosphere. They always manage to find a table for us, even when so busy.

This place is highly rated and generally good. They do get very creative with their desserts. However I can help feeling underwhelmed by the service and the savoury dishes. If you go for lunch you can't book. This is annoying for a business lunch as it is embarrassing to turn up and find there is a 40min wait to be seated. Probably somewhere fun to go for a birthday or similar. Probably not a romatic evening though as the table service can sometimes let them down

I have to say baduzzi has the best meat balls ever! Perfectly executed every single time! And the pasta, oh the pasta is just heaven! We can't wait to go back again!

Hey, what a fab place. Went there for dinner on 30 th Dec and the place was humming. Food and service was fantastic. I had the smoothest Italian red. We had a table by the dessert kitchen and it was fun watching them make the desserts. Tiramisu was one of the best I've had. We were recommended it by a shop assistant in New Market. Thank you for being open as other places we tried were closed. Definitely go there again next time we're in Auckland.

Went there for a work xmas lunch. The place was buzzing with people. The beef was spot on- tender and flavoursome. The saffron rissoto was overly seasoned and the vegeterian kafta balls were also overly grainy. Their beet salad was good. Would go back there for the beef and to try their pastas.

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