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1 year ago

Came here on a rainy day, I was alone and hungry. My mood was bad and honestly I didn’t have any expectations for this place other than to have smth quick and go. Honestly the service was so attentive that they made me feel better. Food was ok, the miso soup was delicious and environment nothing impressive. But somehow I had a great experience all thanks to their service. Love the places where the hospitality is done right. Would go back and next time will upload some pictures.

1 year ago

Sashimi donburi and sauce katsu don are gem so good. Sashimi don comes with various fish with soy sauce and wasabi to mix it up with rice. So yum and service was friendly and nice

4 years ago

Having had lunch here many times in the past, they have consistently kept their food quality standards high. My fav dish is the spicy chicken don which goes down well with the complimentary cup of green tea. The chicken is always crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Mixed with the Japanese mayo and you have a combination of taste bursting inside as you chew on it. The location is great with awesome views of the harbour as you step out. Ample indoor seats with a couple outside as shown in the attached photo. My only gripe would be the cost as $15 for a dish is quite steep. Overall I would recommend this place if you are after something different other than your standard sushi bar. They do have a sushi spread on the counter to choose from. The variety is fairly standard however. Best part is the nice pleasant walk to and from this place, especially on a sunny day. 👍🏼

Bien びあん, Auckland CBD
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120 Customs Street West, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010
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Bien びあん, Auckland CBD