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1 year ago

Never been here before although it’s been in that place for ages. I loved the food and everything. Will come back again for real authentic Korean bbq

2 years ago

Three things make up a great restaurant 1) great service 2) great food 3) great environment, this hold true to me for all types of restaurants and eateries, and Biwon meets all three in my books and is well deserving of a 5/5 in my books. Staff - really knows their Korean BBQ, aunty behind the counter is super friendly, you get seated fairly quickly once you in get in and they will set you up with the menu so you can get started on your pickings. Water is self serve here, don't be put off by the fact that there is no water table service, this is very common for Korean BBQ joints. Food - hands down, the best meat I have had at Korean BBQ in Auckland, their pork belly, OMG, it's to die for. Everything on the menu here is order by plate, I strongly recommend the pork belly, the fat just melts in your mouth and if you cook it long enough, it'll char a bit and has a really nice crunch to it.  Anything beef from this place is also just amazing, if you are looking for a non BBQ dish, I can vouch for the beef tripe soup, it, is, divine!  Your meal comes with all the side condiments which you can refill, and they do use charcoal fire here, very legit, brings up a hugely different flavour to the meat you're cooking. Environment - this is probably hugely under rated but Biwon has the best eating environment of any cheap eats korean restaurant I've been to (not comparing it to places like HAN). Each table get their own smoke extractors, which is super super helpful for when you don't want to smell like charcoal meat at the end of the night, and the tables are placed in a very spacious manner so you don't feel like you're literally eating next to 5 other different guests. You can actually hear each other in a conversation without shouting, which I can't say is true for most Korean BBQ places these days. Strong recommendation in my books, definitely try it out, worth the drive out to Wairau.

2 years ago

Staff here are super friendly. We were seated quickly and being new to the whole Korean BBQ and being novices, she recommended the meats and advised what the salads were we were also served the misi soup made with rice water which we were told is very good for you@. We chose the marinated beef and pork belly. The marinated beef was tender after we cooked it and the pork rendered down beautifully leaving the rind crispy. She recommended dipping the pork in the salt and then the soy mix. Food was super filling with a tea station nearby. Very reasonably priced! Great help when they thought we were over cooking the meat. Came and gave us a hand. Happy to go back.

Biwon Korean Barbeque 비원, Wairau Valley
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29 Link Drive, Wairau Valley, Auckland
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Biwon Korean Barbeque 비원, Wairau Valley