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9 months ago

We had 막창. Really average portion size and two small side dishes comes with it. We only come here to experiment just a little bit of Korea when we miss it. But really, we thought it’s just too overpriced and not worth the value compared to real Korean places in Korea 😕 Bu we really appreciated the service. 2/5 taste 3/5 atmosphere 7/5 service 🙂🙂

9 months ago

Second branch of Dong De Moon in North Shore! This place is a lot more quiet and relaxing compared to the city branch and the food taste even better here! Love their OddolBbyeo which is spicy stir-fried chicken cartilage with vegetables.

11 months ago
Bul Gob Bul Dak 불곱불닭, Rosedale
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7/4 Arrenway Drive, Rosedale, Auckland
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Bul Gob Bul Dak 불곱불닭, Rosedale