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3 weeks ago

I saw this place while I was moving around with auckland walking tour! I saw couple of people come out from an underground restaurant and this fascinated me! I booked a table for me and my guy for my birthday and I've never been so happy with indian food so far!! It's one of those places where the presentation of the food is masterchef like! :) I fell in love with the ambience, dasha helped us run through the menu and suggested us to go for 2 starters but we ordered 3:) , one main and one desert! We had a cocktail by the side. Starters: Celeriac tart,yogurt,paneer,onion seeds: 5/5 ! Loved the presentation and this just melted and with loads of flavors as soon as we gulped it:) Panipuri:5/5 We ordered 4 pieces, panipuri had spicy feeling at the end of each one and tasted perfect Seek kebab :5/5 Loved the south indian touch to it and super soft! Not chewy at all! Well cooked and the gravy brought the best flavor to it Main: Spinach,fenugreek,paneer:5/5 We ordered this with one garlic naan. Rice was by default served with the dish Paneer was freshly made, melted right away as we mixed it with rice or garlic naan. Cocktail: La pondicherry :5/5 Mandarin,gin,tamarind flavor! Never had this combo ever! Spectacular presentation Desert: 5/5 We went by dasha's suggestion with the desert which was pineapple,pistachio and coriander! Serving was small meant for one but we were too full so we shared it between two people:) Dasha was very friendly and everyone who served us always had a smile every time we spoke to them :)

1 month ago

The ambiance of the restaurant is good. Someone takes your jacket and the staff are friendly. The menu is limited but the food items are interesting. The taste was fine. No wow factor for me. The serving size looked small but it was enough. It's good to give it a try but I won't be in a hurry going back here. Nevertheless, it was a nice first time.

1 month ago

The restaurant that made me feel like I was sitting in a Masterchef or My Kitchen Rules set. The restaurant is hidden away in fort street (back entrance of everybody’s) and has some really great vibes giving the place a classy and vibrant ambience. The food was delicious and very different to what you normally get at Indian restaurants ~ this had a modern touch to the classics. For entree ~ we had the lamb seekh kebab ~ which was very soft and flavoursome ~ we couldn’t get enough!! The texture of the kebab was soft, so you could easily cut it and it just melts in your mouth! For mains ~ we had the Tandoori Chicken, fenugreek, lemon (one dish) with naan bread and rice. This was the just amazing, it was just such a different type of tandoori chicken, the modern twist made it stand out so much. The flavours were just wow, the curry and chicken complimented each other so much. I have a low tolerance for spicy food ~ but this was edible for me. The seekh kebab was $22 and the tandoori chicken was $34. Overall a great experience and I loved the modern and classy touch to the restaurant and food, plus the staff are so friendly!!

Cassia Restaurant, Auckland CBD
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Cassia Restaurant, Auckland CBD