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Came here with friends and ordered the degustation which we found very reasonably priced for the amount of food we received - IIRC it was around $70pp and we received another two courses, not pictured. Really enjoyed the Pani Puri amouse bouche being poured tableside - adds a bit of ‘theatrics’ to the dining experience. Most of the dishes were well seasoned, well cooked and well presented (although presentation did range from good-average among a few dishes). However, overall it was a delicious meal and a very pleasant experience. All of the mains came with naan as well which was convenient. The ambience is also wonderful, nicely tucked away underground next to the Jefferson, with a ceiling adorned by fairy lights. Very nice.

Winning Auckland's Restaurant Of The Year 2 years in a row (2016, 2017) can do a lot to one's expectations. I've never dined at a Michelin stared restaurant, but I could imagine similar expectations to my build up to dining at Cassia for the first time. I'd been wowed by Sid Sahrawat's Sidart restaurant some months prior. We used the Tuesday test kitchen staff to experiment on us, and what an experience, 7-8 dishes of perfection. Hands down one of the best meals I’ve had in this city, again, adding weight to my expectations of Cassia.  It’s fair to say with all of my built up excitement, Cassia didn’t really stand a chance of exceeding expectations, it was going to brush them, or fall well below. All a bit unfair really… The sliding door off Forte street opens up to a long underground, brick bunker styled environment, low ceilings and lighting creating enough dark spaces and corners to encourage infidelity or a briefcase transfer, intriguing.  A simplistic and uncluttered atmosphere that leads to a lot of reverberation, not a quiet restaurant by any means. We started with the Pani Puri, an Indian street food snack. A bite sized crisp bread hollowed out, filled with potato, chick pea then topped up with a mint dressing. Down in one bite. S#!T ….. I said to myself. That is magic in a mouthful.   2nd dish, Scallops and Scampi with goats curd and almond relish. JEEZUS! ….. I said to myself, I’m going to need a cigarette after this. This is turning into a sexual experience. 3rd dish, Lamb chops with a parsnip puree, these were of adequate flavour and texture, I feel i could've bought these at one of many restaurants …… Please Cassia, don’t let the magic end here I pleaded. 4th dish, Snapper in a coconut, curried sauce. Oh lordy lord, the magic was back and I was willing to stab anyone with my fork who dared suggest I share this with them. 5th dish, Delhi duck, heavy on the cardamon, light on the duck, far too much sauce, a stagnant dish which left me a wee bit puzzled, it did provide an appropriate mopping bed for the naan I suppose. The bottle of Zinfandel was a great accompaniment to the richness of the food. To summarise ...... The light, textured dishes were the standout of the night, seafood and vegetables shine here. The lamb and duck dishes getting bogged down, stuck in the mud, they could do with some lift. Thanks again Sid, will see you again soon to sample more of your magic.

Recommended by friends, this place definitely does not disappoint. My boyfriend and I had the 5 course tasting menu. For drinks, we both ordered the Mango Gin Fizz - Yum!! We had the pani puri as the amuse, and it was awesome! The shell was super thin, and all the flavours were so great in my mouth. Favourites - tuna and pork belly with the garlic naan. The best naan I’ve ever had. We were not 100% impressed with the carrot and kumara, but everything else’s was delicious. The great food is complemented with attentive service. Atmosphere was okay - we felt it was slightly dark. For $80 per head, it is great value for money for the amazing food you’re having. I would highly recommend this place. We will definitely be back!!

this place is absolutely divine! The restaurant set up is modern, the staff are super friendly with great table service....then theirs the food OMG. Heaven.

Loved the experience here so much that we came back to dine at this place twice in a span of 2 weeks. Hands down, the best Indian fusion food in Auckland. I loved the fact that the food had very AUTHENTIC Indian flavours. The ingredients used were of top quality. The love and respect the food food was cooked with was quite evident. The chicken tikka roll, the duck and the tandoori chicken are a must try. I also really liked the atmosphere here, although the lighting was a little on the darker side. The wait staff do a good job in ensuring that you know how much to order, which helps prevents wastage. Really loved the experience here. Cannot wait to return for the third time.

Cassia Restaurant, Auckland CBD
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Cassia Restaurant, Auckland CBD