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1 week ago

Where to start, after a long wait to visit this highly regarded establishment i have to say that we were slightly underwhelmed, the menu which does not do justice to the food , made it difficult to get excited about a dish involving a carrot or other dishes on the menu, we started with the pani puri and the celeriac tart which was probably the standout dish, these were followed by tandori fish which was acceptable , tandori chicken which was rather dry the flavour of both of these was ok, this was followed by the beef short ribs which were the star of the show, melt in the mouth unctuous, glutinous with a tasty sauce. I feel that the food while being a step from your local takeway was not sufficiently better to justify the price and i have no desire to return any time soon. The decor was ok if showing signs of wear, the floor staff were friendly and efficient, sadly i had expected better, maybe i am to fussy and expecting to much.

2 weeks ago

Amazing experience. They were very busy but the food came out fast and service was on point. My faves were the sashimi tuna and the beef short rib so yum! Will definitely be recommending!

1 month ago

I have been waiting to go to this place for a long time! Finally made it for my Birthday Dinner this year. I had great expectations and briefly I was not disappointed. :) Highlights of the night were - Potato and Paneer Kulcha (the tandoori/smoky flavour was on point), Seekh Kebab (cooked to perfection with delicious gravy), Lamb chops (Amazing flavours and cooked perfectly), last but not the least the Smoked Paneer and Spinach (which is essentially palak paneer, but the smokyness was just ethreal). On the other hand, only things I wasn’t impressed with were the Pani-Puri (which is my favourite street food back in India, so I was a bit disappointed as for $3per piece, it did not meet my expectations of sensory experience I had expected) & also the Spick Pork gravy was a bit too tomatoey for my liking. The service was great, they brought a complimentary birthday dessert, which was great. Overall an amazing experience, the flavours and textures were purely authentic Indian and fresh, it indeed took me back on a trip to my country - India. Definitely recommended if you want to taste the real Indian flavours.

Cassia Restaurant, Auckland CBD
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5 Fort Lane, Auckland CBD, Auckland
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Cassia Restaurant, Auckland CBD