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11 months ago

Finally tried Chu Long Ji (出笼记) this weekend! 😋 I‘m from Nanjing, where is one of the cities in China that is well-known for Xiao Long Bao or they call it Tang Bao. A good Xiao Long Bao to me usually has really thin wrapper; flavourful filling and juicy broth inside. We ordered Wuxi Xiao Long Bao instead of the traditional ones. Wuxi style usually has a bit of sweetness in addition. I can assure you these Xiao Long Baos at Chu Long Ji are authentic! 🤤 Juicy and nicely flavoured! For noodles, their prices are “delicious” 🤣! Soup noodle is only $6.8, and the other one is $10.8. Taste-wise, the flavour is a little bit plain to me. But I think it’s totally worth what you pay.

1 year ago
Chu Long Ji Chinese Restaurant 出笼记, Wairau Valley
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Unit 11, 20 Link Drive, Wairau Valley, Auckland
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Chu Long Ji Chinese Restaurant 出笼记, Wairau Valley