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1 week ago

Good location, good decoration, good service. Food are fresh, but taste normal, nothing too special. To be honest my venison taste like a Chinese roast chicken

1 week ago

I enjoyed the dinner in the COMMONS night. Staffs were friendly, and recommended the crispy pork belly with apple puree, which was the one of the best pork belly I have tasted in Auckland. Staff also mentioned they are doing BYO promotion on Monday. Good food, and I will go back again.

2 weeks ago

We came as a group of three plus puppy on a Sunday lunchtime. Firstly it’s lovely that they welcome four legged friends outside and provided a drinking bowl of water for her. The service was good, the food lovely, the bench and the seats clean and the prices what you would expect. My whole gripe with this place (and this isn’t the first time for the outside of this place) is that it never seems to be cleaned properly after what is probably a big Friday and Saturday night. In the garden area there is rubbish under the coaches, bird poo all over the cushions( which frankly must of happened over months not weeks). The couch cushions smell and they look like something you would find in a Dunedin student flat. The area by the couches smells in general, the screens are half falling down and in the planters some of the plants died a long time ago. The string of lights is missing some bulbs and on it goes. This place doesn’t need much money spending on it, just a bloody good clean and all of the cushion covers including the couch taking to the laundromat. All in all, it’s a bit grubby, which is a shame.

The Commons, Takapuna
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21 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0620
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The Commons, Takapuna