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2 years ago

Best Chinese restaurant in New Zealand

2 years ago

I was recommended by many people to come and try this restaurant for the 3 course Peking duck. I was expecting a great experience but to be honest quite disappointed by a few things. We arrived at the restaurant at 12:15 and was told that because we had not pre-booked a duck there would be a 30 min wait. We told the manager that this was fine and we were happy to have an entree whilst we wait. We ordered the homemade pork buns which a little bit doughy but yum. We were pleasantly surprised when after about 15 mins a sever bought out a glazed duck for us to examine. We were pleased that it was earlier than expected and were excited for the first course. However, when the first course arrived, what was concerning were the vegetables that accompanied it (sliced cucumber and leek). They were shrivelled up and dry and not acceptable to serve. 2 plates were served. Halfway through the first one I asked for fresh plates of veggies and they said they would have to charge an extra $6. This put a dampener on the mood. Also, the teapot they served us tea in was broken in many places and is unsafe and unsanitary for use. Yes, it is common to find chipped plates and teacups when dining at Chinese restaurants, however, this one, was far beyond gone. Our second and third course was also ok - the second course with vegetables and the third one being fried carcass in spicy sauce. But because of the initial level of service we were given at the beginning, the whole experience felt a little underwhelming.  Perhaps it was because they felt rushed, perhaps it was because they were expecting more people to arrive soon but for a first-time experience, I was genuinely underwhelmed and probably wouldn't go back there for the 3 course meal of Peking duck.

3 years ago
Empress Garden Restaurant 颐和园, Herne Bay
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227 Jervois Road, Herne Bay, Auckland 1022
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Empress Garden Restaurant 颐和园, Herne Bay