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2 years ago

Came for dinner tonight with family friends. The place is quite spacious for a Chinese restaurant and we were seated in the corner which was good for privacy. We ordered: 1) Braised pork belly with preserved cabbage- pork was tender and melting in the mouth, well balanced by the sourness of the cabbage. I’ve had this dish in many other places and this was pretty top notch for flavour. 2) Sizzling black pepper beef hot plate with onions- beef slices with large yet tender. Would liked more pepper flavour in the dish and the onions to be slightly more cooked. 3) Seafood tofu hotpot- very generous with the seafood, lots of juicy prawns/fish/ scallops which all tasted fresh. Really enjoyed this dish too. 4) Vegetable hotpot- good amount of vegetables with large slices of varied mushrooms. I found some veg over cooked and too fibrous to eat. We also enjoyed the pork bone soup and a generous platter of fruits including cherries, strawberries and mangosteen that came complimentary with dinner. Overall while the prices are steeper compared to other Chinese restaurants, but you pay for very generous portions and good quality food. Service was mediocre- our waitress was very impatient to take our order but food came our very quick. Ambience wise I would rate it poor especially as tonight a large group of drunk Chinese men across the room were making a huge racket, it should be better at other times.

Golden Jade 金翡翠, Epsom
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417 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland 1023
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Golden Jade 金翡翠, Epsom