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1 year ago

Was in the food court area and got a Chicken Banh Mi. It definitely seemed like good value. I don't eat much Vietnamese food so this was different for me but I still enjoyed it. I liked the bun/bread was a decent portion and buttered. I would consider the Pork Banh Mi if I came back here.

2 years ago

I’ve had food here many times and found the range of noodle soups very delicious, especially Bún Bò Huế and Phở. The Bún Chả and Bún Riêu were also yum. Bánh Cuốn was okay, a bit thick but I understand that it’s actually very hard to perfect it so all good. Fried rice was average, a bit oily. However, the caramelised pork and egg on rice put me off, as the pork was kind of tough (which I expected to be more tender) and the egg they gave me was a rubbery overcooked fried egg (should have been a hard boiled egg braised with the pork). Everything else was nice but I was especially disappointed about this dish. I hope they change it so that the whole experience could be enhanced. Overall I’d still give it a 4 stars for the other dishes (including Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk which was also nice) and great price.

2 years ago

I had the lemon grass chicken on rice. Little bit spicy and was really good. I was not happy with the quantity, I thought it was little less for $13.5 but the the flavours were great.

Ha Noi Corner, Auckland CBD
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Ha Noi Corner, Auckland CBD