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1 month ago

A lot of reviews said The Indian Kitchen butter chicken is the best and the smell from their kitchen is always good so I tried it. I found their butter chicken sauce to be so watered down and way too sweet, all I could taste was sugary water. They gave a bigger portion of chicken/rice compared to Bolliwood but it didn't matter, it tasted like nothing. I ate the chicken and ended up throwing away the rice drenched sauce it tasted like diabetes. I can see why people like the bigger portions, but it's junk food, it's not rich and creamy like Bolliwood's butter chicken.

3 months ago

You guys have really good food and lovely staff to assist, we had butter chicken and Naan, it so tasty that we couldnt stop licking our fingers. Good foos options and good one chef, Kuddos to team The Indian Kitchen 😁

4 months ago

Decided to try this place for takeaways after reading the reviews here. Fair to say was very disappointed. The naan is thin, dried and tastes like a crispy pancake. Not how a naan bread should be. The biryani was the worst. It is not a biryani. Anyone who remotely appreciates biryani knows it involved hours and hours of preparation and cooking time, hence seeing it on the any indian cuisine menus is a treat. It is not simply rice stirred through some meat curry and make it a 'fried rice' dish. I am sorry please don't call it a biryani if that's what customers get served.

The Indian Kitchen, Howick
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The Indian Kitchen, Howick