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2 days ago

My favorite korean restaurant in auckland! Their foods were amazing, people were sooo friendly, and there were lots of good props to show korean traditional culture. And the thing is, they said they NEVER use any MSG! How could the foods be like that without msg haha 한국에서 먹는 한식보다 더 맛있었다라고 말할 수 있는 한식당이에요! 사람들도 다들 정말 친절하고 여러모로 너무 좋은 경험을 하게 해주신 것 같네요:) 뉴질랜드에서 이런 곳을 발견하게 될 줄은 몰랐어요ㅎㅎ 완전 추천합니다 최고에요>

4 days ago

Their traditional Korean food was amaizing. I took my manager(she is kiwi) to Jami and tasted quality dishes. The staff were so kind and polite so we satisfied with their service. Will visit again!

2 months ago

Great clean setting. Side dishes in set menu are awesome. Food served was very clean and fast. I had spicy pork set menu, pastry was very nice. Fine Korean dining overall.

3 months ago

Service: 9/10 The wait for the food was quite fast, about 10 minutes. It was quite difficult to get the waiters’ attention because they were busy running around. They were polite and provided a great dinner experience. Food: 8/10 It’s just your average Korean food. The spicy squid wasn’t that spicy and it was quite tolerable. The set menu with bulgogi and side dishes was very filling. The huge variety of side dishes satisfied all my needs. The soup was weirdly sour which I’m not used to for a seaweed soup. Ambiance: 8/10 The dark lighting creates a mysterious atmosphere. It’s quite nice for a dinner because it makes the meal quite comforting. Everything was very clean and you can see the chefs cooking from the table.

3 months ago

Had a great first dine. One of the better Korean restaurants with outclassing quality and taste. Clean feel & comfortable staff. Set menus worth every cent.

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Jami Korean Restaurant, Wairau Valley