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2 weeks ago

It was ok. Received a voucher to eat here so took my 2 young ones out for dinner aswell. All of the dishes did not come with rice and it was a bit heavy on the pallet ended up taking the left overs home. Bar stools were a bit too tall for my little ones aswell which became a pain while trying to enjoy a meal. But it was ok.

1 month ago

Hmm not too sure what to say about the experience here. The overall flavours were pretty good, but the service kinda had ruined it. Not sure if it's only me, but I would expect a >$30 curry dish to come with rice, or if not, at least told that wasn't the case. However, neither happened. My friend did order a side of rice (he wanted 2 bowls 🤣), which came with my boyfriend's curry dish. Because of this, we assumed the rice had paired with my boyfriend's dish as my friend's curry didn't come out for another 20 minutes. When we asked the waiter the situation, apparently we were meant to order the rice as a side, and that the rice which came with my boyfriend's dish was meant to be for my friend who hadn't received his curry for another 20mins..... the waiter sorted nothing out afterwards and we were kinda left dumbfound... Was disappointed since I quite liked the dishes and drinks here, but don't think I'll be returning again.

1 month ago

I love Mekong baby. Their customer service is outstanding always. As well as that, there food is amazing. They have the best pork belly so if you love pork belly this is the place to go too! I also could not recommend the apple tart dessert enough, it is heavenly and hands down one of the best desserts I’ve had at a restaurant! I recommend 10/10

Mekong Baby, Ponsonby
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262 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland
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Mekong Baby, Ponsonby