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3 years ago

I have been here a few times 😬 for lunch and dinner! Each time the fried chicken has been a must order, you won't be disappointed. The lunch menu is really good value for money, I got the degustation option which gives you a little taste of nearly everything for only $20! 😍 Their new menu (summer 2019) is pretty awesome. The croquetas were yummy and light, a nice kick start to the evening. The patatas de maiz were pretty good but I personally liked the croquetas better. The lamb taco with pomegranate seeds is so delicious. The avocado taco was surprisingly spicy/hot considering the mild chilli rating on the menu. The chicken taco was pretty yummy too but I would rate the lamb over the chicken anyday. The only disappointing tacos would have to be the fish taco, when I ordered mine the fish seemed to be kind of tough so maybe a tad overcooked and secondly the duck taco it seemed to have minimal flavor apart from the duck itself. I need to come back and try the pork belly! Overall definitely recommend and definitely will be back 🥰

3 years ago

The drinks were so good. The food was amazing and the staff were very friendly and very patient with us. Everything was good

Mexico, Ellerslie
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120 Main Highway, Ellerslie, Auckland 1051
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Mexico, Ellerslie