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1 week ago

Overall, this place is over- priced. Too much specials are not included in Zomato Gold deal. We ended paid much more than planned just because we did not want to miss out the specials. Too much terms and conditions are placed here. Even though the food is not bad, the experience is not pleasant.

2 weeks ago

Pretty average... For the price, way below average. Even with Zomato gold, I felt like I didn't get my money's worth. There definitely is some flavour. But nothing mind blowing. What really drags it down is the portions and price. Chicken portion felt equivalent to a single chicken breast for $28! Service was great though. Food- 3.5/5 Service- 4/5 Value- 0.5/5

2 weeks ago

Their kumara bread was disgustingly hard and stale, portions were small, but the worst part was the deliberately misleading menu. There was no indication whatsoever on the menu about the "minimum 4 people $49 set menu meal" being $49 PER PERSON and the waitress did not once inform us of that at all. Instead, she was going on about how the food is served as a shared platter and convinced us that the set menu would be the best option for our group of 4. The set menu also includes the cheapest things like coleslaw, chips, two slices of awful kumara bread, chicken wings, two sausages and small portions of actual meat. We paid $232 all up. What we got was definitely NOT worth $49 per person. We realised that we were deliberately being misled only at the end but paid for the food regardless. When we tried to provide feedback about the menu being misleading, the staff raised her voice at us to shame us and was being incredibly condescending as if we can't understand English just because we are Asians. The food was mediocre overall and their business practice is dishonest. My family and I had a horrible experience and we do not recommend this restaurant.

Miss Moonshine's, Grey Lynn
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Lot 3, 130 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011
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Miss Moonshine's, Grey Lynn