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7 months ago

I’ve come here a fair few times with my family and generally it’s been a pleasant experience. The place is actually quite big but for some reason at dinner service it’s quite empty. The staff are generally very friendly and welcoming and the food comes out quite fast. We got a steamed fish the other day from the tank, as the fish we had chosen was quite big, it was still raw in the centre. They happily resteamed the fish and all was well! The portion sizes are quite decent for what you pay, and we always have left overs to take home for our next dinner ☺️

9 months ago

I always pass by this place for more than 6 years now and I think the restaurant had changed brands for around three times then a couple of months ago we decided to see what this place has to offer when we were looking for some new place to have some dinner. It was quite a large place and there lots of diners when we dined in, it was not full packed but it was busy. There were some spare tables so we did not have to wait. As the menu arrived we were also served with some complimentary soup

NO.1 BBQ & Seafood Restaurant 鼎好烧腊海鲜酒家, Glenfield
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552 Glenfield Road, Glenfield, Auckland
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NO.1 BBQ & Seafood Restaurant 鼎好烧腊海鲜酒家, Glenfield