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3 days ago
3 days ago

We ordered the crispy duck, black peppered chicken with capsicums, choy sum, braised pork belly with long beans and potatoes, finished with two dumpling desserts. I enjoyed the pork belly most. It is a tricky dish to make because New Zealand pork sometimes has a strong unpleasant smell. The chef managed to eliminate that by proper marination and five spices in the sauce. The crispy duck was slightly overdone, making it a little chewy. The black peppered chicken was nicely cooked. The original 4-star rating got spoiled by the desserts. The soup was barely sweetened. It made me wonder if that was the outcome of using Zomato Gold and even the sugar amount got discounted from the desserts. Definitely something for future improvement! Overall the food was slightly better than edible. 72.5/100 is my final score!

5 days ago

Spicy food is amazing, I have been here for 2 times and will definitely come back again with my families. They would love it. I think this place is really worth.

Panda Restaurant 熊猫小馆, Browns Bay
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27 Clyde Road, Browns Bay, Auckland
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Panda Restaurant 熊猫小馆, Browns Bay