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11 months ago

Falafel was incredible. Very moist, smooth and tasty. $8 for a bag full - very decent. Hummus is delish $14 for that portion and some pita. The other meal was super super disappointing for the $22 price mark - which seems absurd. We asked for chips over the salad it usually comes with (price didn’t change) ridiculously steep price. Chips were really yum, everything had good taste but the meat was a little dry. Will definitely be back for Falafel. $45 for everything.

11 months ago

Good service and authentic! Very homey environment. Waited for a bit maybe almost 45 minutes before the food arrived, but definitely worth the wait. Maybe next time i'll call for a reservation. Shout out to abdullah! Good guy. Found my new favorite shawarma place in auckland. 😊

1 year ago

This was my first time trying Jordanian food and was recommended to start with Petra Shawarma. The Babaganoosh is always recommended as a must try item. It's indeed a unique and authentic dish. Freshly made and served with hot and soft pita bread on the side, I was definitely able to taste the grilled smokiness of the eggplants with the creaminess of the tahini but was not heavy or oily at all. I got the Chicken Shawarma which had grilled chicken meat with flavourful spices and pickles with a fresh pomegranent salad served on the side. We also got a side of chips to finish the dip as the pita bread wasn't really enough. The chips came out golden and crispy and was sprinkled with a flavoured salt. Service was just absolutely the best! Food does take a little longer to be served but well worth the wait!

Petra Shawarma, Kingsland
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482 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland
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Petra Shawarma, Kingsland