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1 month ago

One of the most extensive buffet choices you can get for $29. Great choice of meats to cook, veggies and other Chinese specialties. Also includes cooked dishes, desserts and drinks. Can’t fault them. Good friendly service

2 months ago

This our go to Vietnamese place along with Try it out. The Deluxe bowl is packed with veges, meat, vermicelli, and a spring roll to top it off! Must try :)

2 months ago

I love the hotpot here. They have a good selection of smorgasbord food like deep fried chilli and garlic ribs, nuggets and deep friend fish cakes. My favourite are the curry fishballs. I also love their desserts - I tried a deep-fried banana looking dessert thinking it would be a deep fried banana but it was actually filled with some sort of sweet bean, it was glutinous inside. I hope they never get rid of this dessert! I also appreciate how they have bottled fizzy drinks so you know you're not drinking the fake powdered stuff. The raw ingredients for the actual hotpot are great! I honestly feel like they've covered most seafood, meat and greens. Love how they have soy bean sheets and bamboo shoots as well! One criticism is how cramped the food station is. It is always an extremely stressful experience to go and get food and the floor is always slippery. The plates are not strategically placed and would probably be hard for children to get to. I also think the dishes need to be done at a faster pace and to a higher degree of cleanliness because there have been countless occasions where I've gone to get some food and there were no plates or just dirty ones.

Saigon Kitchen, Burswood
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Unit 15, 262 Ti Rakau Drive, Burswood, Auckland
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Saigon Kitchen, Burswood