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2 months ago

I recommend ordering their marinated pork meat, so delicious. Their buckwheat noodles are highly recommended too (mulnaengmyun). Last time we went we had the beef ribs which were also nice too but it doesn't quite beat the marinated pork. The Galbitang was a bit salty and lacked depth,we also ordered the Kkongchi jorim (red soupy dish in the photo). Service was a bit slow and not as friendly as usual but there were only two staff looking after the hall.

10 months ago

This place is good for korean BBQ.lots of side dish and fresh meat makes me come to here many times.price is reasonable and service is general.

11 months ago

I come to this restaurant whenever I feel like eating Naengmyun, which is Korean-style cold noodles. Their Spicy Cold Noodles in Cold Beef Broth is my favourite noodles, the noodles are so chewy and the seasoning is perfect, as well asthe pickly broth neutralisig all the heat and spices. However, I feel like the Korean BBQ is quite expensive here, I mean overpriced, as all the BBQ meat menu is about $25 per person, and we have to order at least for at least two people. Last time I came here with a friend, got 2 marinated beef with short ribs, and the portion size was so small that even after eating all the meat, two cold noodles and rice with soybean tofu soup, we were not full so we went to burger king to get some filling food. I'd still come here for the nice service and the delicious cold noodles though.

Tae Neung 태릉, Albany
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Rosedale Plaza, Unit 10, 243 Rosedale Road, Albany, Auckland
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Tae Neung 태릉, Albany