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3 months ago

Their Korean BBQ is really nice, but it is a bit pricey and you have to order at least two portions. They have a dish called Naengmyun, which is Korean-style cold noodles. Their Spicy Cold Noodles in Cold Beef Broth is my favourite noodles, the noodles are so chewy and the seasoning is perfect, as well as the pickly broth neutralisig all the heat and spices. Their soybean tofu soup is pretty nice too!

4 months ago

The dining environment is nice with enough space between tables. The serving guy gave us no smile at all. The cold noodles dish was too cold to eat. I didn't like something sour in the taste. I think it could be nice as a hot dish. A pair of scissors were provided to help easy eating. I thought there's not much special about the topping ingredients of the rice in a stone pot. The dish tasted ok, just average. Looking at other tables made me want to try BBQ next time.

4 months ago
Tae Neung 태릉, Albany
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Rosedale Plaza, Unit 10, 243 Rosedale Road, Albany, Auckland
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Tae Neung 태릉, Albany