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10 months ago

Taiko Japanese Restaurant - Kingsland “Irasshaimase” is the first thing you hear as you walk in Taiko Japanese Restaurant & Bar. It’s a common greeting in Japan which simply translates to ‘Welcome to the store’. The interior of the restaurant had a dominant wooden structure, which was nice change from the competitive eccentricity that most restaurants seem to adhere to. We ordered the large sashimi selection, scallop sashimi and tako octopus wasabi. The sashimi selection consisted of salmon, tuna , prawn, Japanese roe , kingfish sashimi with little salads and soy sauce of course. This was served on some bamboo leaves, I felt very in touch with nature at this point , felt like I was at a dinner with the tropical mermaids. The food was fresh, the salmon were cut in fat chunks perfect for the hungry me. You know the salmon is good when it’s creamy and melts in your mouth. So good. The Tako octopus wasabi is always my must have in any Japanese restaurant. It is raw octopus marinated in wasabi sauce. This delicacy is a must try at least once. The texture is more crunchy and chewy but the flavour consist of salty goodness with a little bit of a spicy kicks. The scallop sashimi was simply fresh and delicious, it was my first time trying it actually and definitely won’t be the last. It was wrapped up in a thin gold leaf and tightened with a toothpick which was pretty freaking adorable. Now let’s not forget that this is all served with a delicious and warm miso soup. Overall I had a pretty great experience at Taiko, the food was fresh, the service was good. I would definitely be coming back here. But keep in mind that most sashimi places including Taiko take a small hit on your wallet but it’s definitely worth it as a treat. Although I must say I was still hungry afterwards and topped up with some count down snacks. This is only because seafood is generally a very light meal. How do you think that Japanese people are so fit and live so long? Sayōnara, until next time folks.

11 months ago

Delicious food, excellent service !! 😍

11 months ago

Wow I really liked the sashimi with wow presentation. So teriyaki eel was really yummy- it was a perfect lunch for Sunday lunch. Also the service was prompt and kind. I will come back for sure :)

Taiko Japanese Restaurant & Bar 太鼓, Kingsland
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Taiko Japanese Restaurant & Bar 太鼓, Kingsland