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1 year ago

Came into the tasting shed for a late lunch with some family friends. Off the bat we couldn't find any parking so had to do a couple rounds until we finally got a park. Wanted to sit outside but unfortunately the table was booked so we ended up sitting inside which is actually pretty small. We ordered some drinks and the parents enjoyed their beers as they were tap rather than out of the bottle and my friend and I got the blackcurrant house made sodas which we didn't really enjoy as we expected them to be a lot sweeter. We started off with some bread and it came with treacle butter which was interesting but can't say I was a fan off it. Since everything is mainly sharing we got some agria potatoes which I actually liked and my friend and I both got the ice berg lettuce which I didn't expect to be an actual half a head of lettuce and it came with ceaser dressing, parmesan and it came with pears which I thought was a bit unnecessary. I didn't really like it and I only got it since I didn't like any of the meat options on the menu. For dessert I got the passion fruit mango tart which was okay didn't like the base, it was very hard and couldn't get my spoon through it. My parents liked it and would like to return however my friends parents didn't like it and were disappointed, they also didn't like how they didn't have a kids menu. Overall it wass average  but I would like to come back and try another seasons menu and give it it another chance since the ambience and service was lovely.

1 year ago

Dined here on Saturday night and it was slightly difficult finding the place since it was so dark! A few lights around the corner would have been nice. Anyways the staff were all lovely and accommodating and the ambiance was also very cosy. We pretty much ordered everything on the menu and some outstanding dishes for me were the roast potatoes, Brussel sprout and very nice hot bread and butter. The rest were pretty average subtle flavours and the portion was very VERY small, the large plates were almost entree size. Great selection of wine! Overall a nice and cosy place out west, modern and steep prices with small Portions however will probably go back to try their lunch menu.

2 years ago

At first i had no clue on what to get here as the menu is quite minimal but the outside exterior and view is so stunning. There’s hardly any noise as it’s not near any main roads or anything which is good. Really enjoyed my salad and didn’t think I would to be honest but they did surprise me but the drinks i wasn’t too much of a fan off. The service was so good as well.

The Tasting Shed, Huapai
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609 State Highway 16, Kumeu, Auckland
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The Tasting Shed, Huapai