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2 years ago

My brother came here and recommended this restaurant to us. The wait was a bit long but I’m willing to overlook that as long as the food is good. The restaurant itself looked a bit disorganised, which I assume it was because the kitchen wasn’t big enough to store all produce. I got the lamb brisket rice noodles and it was really tasty!! The soup had a slight numbness to it due to the spices used. The lamb was super juicy and fatty, which I really liked. The rice noodles were quite chewy as well, so it was cooked to perfection! The portions were generous and I’d come back for sure.

2 years ago

Beef brisket noodles is soooo yummy! Massive portions but the broccoli in my opinion has too much seasoning on it which made it hard to finish. A lot of the skewers you have to order a minimum of 3 each so if there’s not many of you then it is a little annoying Update: not happy with second time coming here. Ordered our food and finished everything and still had not received a dish. Wait time for this was over 40 mins so when we finished all our food we went to pay, we mentioned that we hadn’t received the pork pie that was ordered and to just cancel this. They then said that we had to take it away because they already started to make it.

3 years ago

4/5 Taste 3.5/5 Display 4.5/5 Quantity 2.5/5 Customer Service Best Chinese Noodle Soup Restaurant in Howick Amazing taste, amazing portion, perfect for winter! Gave me a surprise from my first visit, ordered one noodle for two and it was big enough to feed three. Already visited twice after my first visit. Tables, plates and cutlery were clean, service was fast. Only down side was the employees could not speak english, I had to use hand gestures and my poor chinese to ask for medium spicy (zhong lah).

Zhou Restaurant 云南过桥米线, Somerville
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Somerville Shopping Court, Unit M, 113 Meadowlands Drive, Somerville, Auckland 2014
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Zhou Restaurant 云南过桥米线, Somerville