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“Best ice cream experience in Auckland - dairy free too!” There is the best place to get a fancy ice cream experience. What I liked most was the dairy-free flavors available too. The price is quite high compared to a regular ice cream, but it is really nice.

The service was fantastic. As soon as we entered we were greeted and asked which flavours we'd like to try. They were friendly and encouraged you to try lots of samples. When you were waiting they gave you a little cup of icecream. The layout of the new shop allows a lot more space, and the seats are really handy. Last time we were here the attendant forgot that they ran out of poutine. She gave us our money back and insisted there was no need to pay for anything else. We decided to get some icecream anyway, however to make up for her mistake she gave us a complimentary icecream and apologised several times, which is just a testament to the great service at giapo. Most of giapo's flavours are excellent. The only one I wasn't too fond of was the feijoa. Today we came here to eat their poutine - crispy fries drizzled with caramel and topped with cookies and cream flavoured coconut icecream. The first bite was sensational. It hit every part of your tongue - hot and cool, savoury and sweet. Incredibly satisfying. The salted caramel paired well with the hot fluffy fries - some of the best fries I've had. The coconut icecream wasn't too sweet and was a refreshing contrast against the grease of the fries.

I've been here 2 times now (once when it was on queenstreet and back again when it relocated to britomart) ~ The lines are also quite big here (due to the fact that this place is so popular!) Both times have been wonderful experiences because the staff there are so kind! They have a smile on their face the whole way in making your icecream. The best part about Giapo is that the flavours are so unique (you don't find these type of things anywhere else!)  Obviously with this many great stuff comes with one downside which is price - Cone's start at $10 but they are so big (I couldn't even finish mine!) but since I've got a decent sweet tooth, I'm willing to try a lot of sweet stuff :)) Overall - it's worth to try it at least once before you judge the price/quality factor.

Best ice cream in Auckland! Great concepts flavours and presentation. I really enjoyed when GIAPO was on queen street had a better vibe and easier to access. The new place is cool but staring at Penthouse with the kids puts me off lol Lucky the food makes up for it

Such a treat going here, never disappointed with their unique creations, this was Nutella inside with a chocolate shell coated in a gold edible spray of some sort, how they do it I'll never know but it's the best kind of edible surprise, money wise it's pricey but worth it 100%, the staff are all amazing and talk you through your first time so you automatically feel welcomed and I assure you that it won't be your last visit but with quality dessert comes long lines so beware, the atmosphere is always rather busy unless you catch them at the right time

The most exciting part of Queen Street, Auckland is surely the Giapo store. Since it’s explosive launch in 2008 it’s changed a lot of the years and I grew up spending many happy evenings with the gelato. My last visit was on my whirlwind Christmas trip back home and it’s changed even more now, though I do feel we’re growing apart.  You can’t see the flavours any more and although you can get samples, it was hard to understand the staff (loud) and it made the queue that much more longer. The garnishes are now even more extreme and it was hard to enjoy my Samoan caramel popo chocolate-filled yorkshire pudding ($12) with a cup of cocoa clouding my mouth and coating my clothes. Sugar levels were intense. I still admire the inventiveness of Giapo and it is a lot of fun, but I can’t help feeling it was better with more restraint and showcasing the gelato.

Lovely Ice-Creams!! Quality 10/10 Taste is very good 10/10 Value for Money 7.5/10 Variety of items 8/10 Service 10/10 Satisfaction- 10/10 :) Must Try Place 😀

Giapo is fantastic, but if you stick with boring chocolate you're doing it wrong. The Tiramisu, Apple Tart Tatin, Afghan, and Hokey Pokey are all great choices (as I'm sure are many others). We're recognised on sight now and that often leads to a special discount for regulars which is both nice and makes it a great deal. Best ice cream in Auckland. Avoid the selfie cone though, too many selfie's in the world already... just photograph the awesome ice cream.

Their gelatos though, so rich in texture. With that orgasmic feel of flavour when you're eating it soooool good. Only been here once last year and don't have a logical explanation of why I did not go back. I need to go back.

Taste good. But not very ordered, too crowded, menu not well-classified. The visitors and first time goers may be confused by how they make an ice cream. Around 10bugs for a cone but worth it.

When me and my partner walked past this place to try it out. The line was out the door and onto the pavement. We were so excited to try it and was really hoping the wait would be worth it. IT WAS 100% WORTH IT! The ice cream texture was so smooth and creamy! My partner got the chocolate peanut donut cone and it was insanely sweet. If you have a huge sweet tooth then I recommend you try this one. I got the Afghan cookie ice cream and it was perfect with little cookie pieces in it. Do not get the cone if you don't want your shirt to get dirty or to create a mess because it tends to fall everywhere. No regrets and would come back again!

If you're in Auckland, this is a must-go place!! Really unique ice cream flavours and you won't leave hungry. I had the strawberry and cream, and it wasn't too sweet so I thoroughly enjoyed it. Slightly over priced and can be crowded sometimes, but the staff are really helpful and friendly, and it's totally worth it!

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