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3 weeks ago

Strange times when you go to Giapo and feel like you’re in an Airbnb experience buying souvenirs. I get it, they’re trying to be different from other gelato parlors but the whole schtick feels off - the “group gelato tasting tours” seems nice until they whip out the cone menu and you feel like you’re on the wrong end of a bad deal. To be honest, the cones (as ridiculous as they are) are fine - it’s when the whole process is pressuring you towards buying cones rather than the gelato itself is where it i have to disagree. I would give this review a one star if not for the the fact that giapo still produces quality gelato. I hope giapo returns to its old format with more flavors and emphasis on the ice cream - but who knows maybe I’m completely wrong and everyone wants this instead of what giapo used to be.

3 weeks ago

I’ve always wanted to go to Giapo because I’ve seen photos of the ice cream from there and it looks insane! I went after dinner with my bf who was also pretty keen on getting some dessert. Giapo is extremely generous with excellent service when it comes to trying the flavours. We managed to try all of the flavours except for the peanut butter and brownie ice cream, which was what I was planning to get. I got the Giapo Buono in a classic cone and my bf got the Coco Choco Cookie in a classic cone. The price was $15 each, which is more expensive than the rest of the ice cream places in Auckland but it’s due to the decorations and it’s quality. The flavours were great but I suggest to only get the Coco Choco Cookie if you’re a big fan of coconut because the flavours are really rich. My ice cream did get a bit messy at the end however, so do prepare some tissues!! Unfortunately, we both couldn’t finish our ice cream because we were full from dinner but I’d definitely want to come back to try the peanut butter and brownie ice cream!

4 weeks ago

An absoluetly amazing place to grab a scoop or two. If it's you first time visiting, the staff will usually offer a tour and tell around what is more of display of art rather than an ice-cream parlour, as well as a free sample of all their flavors. As if all of that isn't enough, the actual taste of the ice-cream alone is more than worth the visit.

Giapo, Auckland CBD
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12 Gore Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland
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Giapo, Auckland CBD