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2 weeks ago

The best ice cream you can find in town with lots of inventive flavours available. The service is great, with staff being very friendly and welcoming, allowing you to taste test any flavour you wish to and explaining everthing really clearly. The prices however are expensive with it being $8-10 for a single scoop without any cone or add ons. You do get what you pay for quality and service wise, but I probably wouldn’t come here regulary for ice cream on a warm day. Food: 4/5 Portion: 3/5 Price: 3/5 Service: 5/5

2 weeks ago

It's good how they give you a few testers before buying, prices are a lil steep but the quality of service and product itself is great. Been here a couple of times now, menu has changed a bit. I had their new coffee flavoured ice cream along with Roti. Ice cream itself..... delicious, roti quite hard and tricky to eat, it comes with a little plastic spoon but that would be for the ice cream itself. Take wet wipes and tissues cause you'll need them if you have the Roti ice Cream, other than that you'll be fine. Would definitely return again.

2 weeks ago

The customer service was friendly and helpful. I was impressed by the menu which was available in a few different languages. However if they have pictures of each ice cream rather than a list of long names, it will be much easier to get more clear idea of which one to order. I appreciated I was offered tasting for the different flavors of ice cream. I had a chance of tasting 3 kinds but I couldn't find any I really like. I felt sorry to take up their time so I just picked one of them that I tried. For a cone, I chose the deluxe cone which was chocolate & almond coated. You can see samples of the deluxe cups and cones displayed in a case. I might be able to think it's worth paying that much if I could taste a real chocolate flavour on the cone. Unexpectedly the ice cream failed to please my taste bud. I was thankful that half way through of munching I was offered a glass of water for refreshment. Choosing one ice cream flavour - $8.5~$10. The deluxe cone - $12.5. Paying total of $20+ for a single cone ice cream was quite hurting. However I spent a good time having once a life time experience.

3 weeks ago

Am a huge fan of Giapo as their unique and crazy flavours definitely cure my sweet tooth cravings. The price can seem unreasonable at first but after being able to taste-test all the different flavours and leaving with an extraordinary wonder piece, Giapo will definitely be worth the price. Must try at least once!

1 month ago

Had to wait in line to get our ice cream but it was definitely an experience. Got offered chocolates while waiting and someone took time for us all to decide what flavors we want and got to try many of them before ordering. Great service! Ice cream is very overpriced but it does look pretty I guess.

Giapo, Auckland CBD
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Giapo, Auckland CBD