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10 months ago

The place I go the most to get bubble tea. They are open til 11 everyday which is good. The staff are kind and the drinks are always good. I usually grab chocolate milk tea with big pearls, with half sugar and no ice. But sometimes when I go a bit late, they have run out of big pearls.

11 months ago

strawberry green tea + lychee jelly! its so so good. i love the tea, you can really taste the fresh green tea taste. its not overpowering or too sweet. its perfect.

1 year ago

Got the Japanese green milk tea with egg pudding and the rock melon milk tea with pearls! Really yummy drinks but slightly on the pricier side of $16 for 2. Rockmelon was overly sweet and had a little artificial flavor but still delicious! Such a great menu range. There were drinks with wacky colors that I’d never heard of before!

Hulucat, Mount Eden
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603 Dominion Road, Balmoral, Auckland 1024
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Hulucat, Mount Eden