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Fantastic service, small cosy atmosphere and excellent food. Menu changes often enough to keep it interesting. Great for dessert / hot drink after a meal elsewhere in town.

The banoffee patisserie was the bombs! I found that the bomb Alaska is slightly bit too sweet for me but for ppl who like sweet stuff it's highly recommended ! Cheers

This place never fails to amaze. The deserts as always were perfect, just the right size and the flavours are always spot on. Brought my parents in tonight and they loved it, great place with something for everykind of sweet tooth

Enjoying watching a cooking show? Well, you can see a LIVE one here.  I forgot to breath when the chefs were creating their magic from the kitchen.  Completely mesmerized by every single item in the shop.  I tried the gelato and the best cup of hot chocolate I have ever had.  I was lucky to be there before the busy time, so easy to get a seat and enjoyed a nice conversation with the servers.  From what I have observed, I can tell that the team is both humbled and proud to what they have achieved so far, which also shows in their food & drink! He tino pai.

Gone are the days of desserts being an afterthought and being served substandard ready made frozen ‘delights’ after a meal. There is a new wave of dessert restaurants popping up and they are taking desserts seriously!. The brainchild of husband and wife team Brian and Roselle Campbell, Miann is the Gaelic word for ‘to desire’ or ‘to crave.’ And once you see the glass cabinets full to bursting of delectable treats and delicacies that is exactly what you will be doing!

Really great desserts!! Will definitely come back for more and try all the cakes :D great place to sit down and relax with friends. I had a chocolate one and friend had the tiramisu :)

Amazing! Desert heaven. Staff are lovely even when busy as all hell. Go here for your sweet fix and marvel at the myriad of beautiful delicious sweet treats!

No further introduction to this popular place in Britomart. Wide range of desserts, macarons, chocolates and ice cream. Always a delight to dine and taste a fusion of flavors. They always introduce something exciting and different every now and it entices people to come back. Love this place! From Fort St and now they move to Galway St.

Great variety of desserts! The waiter came and explain every a la carte dish to us before we order. Good service and the dishes we ordered turned out great! Cannot fault this place a bit, must try for all sweet tooth!

A famous dessert shop that gets girls into sweet. We ordered Balloon, 62% Miann House Chocolate (cold), Petit Gateaux and Macarons. I really envy pastry chef that makes so wonderful dessert! They taste great and are highly recommended.

Excellent service and lots of different options to suit everyone's taste. Staff are super friendly and are great at recommending the most popular desserts. The atmosphere is nice and relaxing, perfect place to go later on in the night after dinner

I love Miann! It has a different vibe to Milse which is great if you just want to sit and chill with your dessert. In my opinion the cabinet at Miann is the best part, whereas the menu at Milse is a bit better. It is such a nice place to go to at any time of the day, any occasion!

This is a brilliant place in a busy wonderful part of Auckland. The selection is huge, with dishes from the menu or the cabinet. Each dessert from the menu is phenomenal with risky flavour combinations at times that work so well. Such a treat to come here and it is a lovely experience not just a meal.

Yip, 4.9/5 on Zomato for a good reason. Well done on good food that looks great but tastes even better. The staff there bring a great energy to the place. Especially one of the guys that works there on Saturday nights (don't know his name, wore glasses the times we had been) - really knowledgeable and ever so cheerful. It is a little on the expensive side since one dessert dish is just simply not enough for dessert foodies and the prices do add up (was 16 bucks per dish), however totally worth it!

I arrived at Miann with an unbridled enthusiasm, after having heard tales of its development and success from a few friends. I don’t think I’ve found another city with the same passion for the fine dessert course so I made sure to check it out when I was back in Auckland. I had two desserts (as it was that kind of a night, it’s always that kind of a night) and they were both excellent. The cabinet Snowman was my favourite of the two, the a la carte Cranachan was overpowered by the raspberry. Still very good. There’s plenty of options and the menu changes seasonally so there’s a bit of luck in the draw with what you order but its cemented another perfect spot for sharing and snapping some sweet joy.

Here for an after dinner dessert. Recommended by my friends several times so came with high expectations. Ordered Bomb Alaska and iced Matcha latte. The bomb Alaska disappointed me, as the shape was not like a bomb at all. They did not fire on the bomb as I expected. Although the ice cream and chocolate coat tasted good. Iced matcha latte was great, they brewed with real tea, not the tea powders. Perfect balance of the matcha and coffee. Would be there again but not expected as a must-go place in Auckland. BTW, the free soda water was great.

I think the atmosphere at Miann is much nicer than Milse - you can actually sit down and not feel too guilty if you linger a little. The food is just as good with a great selection in the cabinet.

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Miann, Auckland CBD