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1 year ago

This was our first trip back since the change of ownership. The dining room is still relaxed yet sophisticated, the service was excellent as you would expect. I enjoyed the a la carte dining instead of the degustation for a change. The standard of the food was excellent in my opinion, highlights for me were the venison tartare with walnuts (amazing combination) and the wagyu beef. Sid at the French Cafe is forging on with a slightly different style but maintains the high standards of the original

2 years ago

It’s already very rare to have French cuisine in NZ but fortunately we found French Cafe as for celebrating my mother and father’s 20 anniversary. I picked the place for them and was nervous if the food and service can amaze my parents or not. Turns out all the lovely ladies and gentleman who work there supplied us a fabulous service and the gentleman with decent glasses very helpful with the food ordering. And when we about to leave they surprisingly gave my parents a cute cheese cake with cute candles on it to cheer their anniversary. We were amazed by the food and their service and even though it’s expensive for us but we still want to go there again and again. Wish Sid at French Cafe be the NZ N0.1 fine dining restaurant forever!

2 years ago

We had a very friend staff member Natalie, she was very accommodating with our diet requirement, and she showed us around the back section and outdoor areas of the restaurant. Very impressive service overall. Food was delicious, had 5 courses tasting menu, but we were given 7 extra tasting sample snacks, soup and bread in between the main courses. Great fine dining experience.

Sid At The French Cafe, Eden Terrace
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210 Symonds Street, Eden Terrace, Auckland
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Sid At The French Cafe, Eden Terrace