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1 month ago

Perfection. I give Sidart 6 stars. I have to restrain my gushing. We had the Discovery 7 course dinner with wine pairings. It was the new Indian influenced pescatarian menu and it was beautiful, tasty and inspirational. The service was faultless. Staff explained the dishes and the wine to us and it was not at all intimidating, they were knowledgeable, warm and welcoming. The view over the city is exquisite. The crockery and cutlery are lovely. Every dish was so beautifully presented we thought it was a shame we had to eat it. The food was complicated but simple. Which sounds like an oxymoron but it worked. Each bite was a delight. The wine pairings were spot on, complimented the food and, on occasion heightened the flavours in the dishes which extended our experience. We didn't want the meal to end and wished we could afford to eat here more often. I think we might have to start an "Eat at Sidart" bank account. Thank you, Sidart team.

1 month ago

We celebrated 2 birthdays tonight with a party of 12 and it was fabulous. Sidart was not as I expected but pleasantly casual tonight. We sat on comfy seats that looked out to the Skytower to the right and the busy kitchen to my left. I was terribly interested in what was happening in the kitchen activities. I saw a very well run kitchen where everything was where it should be and the staff knew their job and delivered good food and service. It was mind blowing to taste so many components to each dish. It must have taken a long time in the preparation and we did watch 4 staff just plating!!! There were so so many parts to consider together in one mouthful and individually like we did. We did wanted to taste everything. We spent 4 hours with the Discovery Menu. We thought the sauces were all outstanding. Being a custard square fanatic, I particularly enjoyed the post dessert which was like a custard square but sooo much more on many levels. I would venture to say it is the best that I have ever tasted. Hapuka and lime oil.... what a combination. Eggplant cigars are a must in one mouthful. Lamb was fab. Honey and yuzu came the right time to clear the pallet for dessert. We were grateful that the staff took particular care with our dietary requirements. They were very considerate. Thank you.

2 months ago

I went on a Saturday night with myself and my partner. And don’t be fooled by the number of course menu that they write on the website! There are sooo many more palet cleanser, starters, etc. although our dishes were verbally explained, I kind of wish there was a menu as I can never remember them all. And I like knowing what kind of interesting ingredients they used. Overall, I enjoyed the food a lot, but feel that the starter was a lot more experimental and enjoyable than the mains. The mains were almost a little bland compared to what it started with, so it was a little anti climax. We went during the arts festival week, and planned to go to an event in solo park which was open til 9.30. We sat down at 6, and didn’t get out til 9.30, so ended up no going. So would definitely recommend do allow yourself plenty of time and plan nothing after the meal. I would still like to come back again another time and give it another try.

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Sidart, Ponsonby