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3 years ago

One of my favourite Malaysian places to go when i am in the area. They are very accommodating as my sister is vegetarian and they are willing to replace the meat in any dish she orders. I love their Hainanese chicken rice and the girl working there is very friendly and helpful.

4 years ago

I come here often on lunch break and get the chicken laksa. The lady sees me come in the food hall doors and is already writing the order down everybody knows why I am there and what I am going to order . I think it costs $10 or less. If I went to the French Café and this was a course and had a fancy name everybody would rave about it . It's delicious and the quantity is ridiculous I will still be full at dinner time.

4 years ago

MEANEST HAINAN CHICKEN. I usually come here and just order the hainan chicken, very tasty juicy chicken. I love it. Writing this makes me want to order more. A must try if you are having munchies in the area. Can do your vege/fruit shopping across the road too! Service: 4/5 Parking: $2/her Hainan Chicken: 5/5

Empurau Malaysian Foods 忘不了, Newmarket
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Asian Food Hall, 5-11 Kent Street, Newmarket, Auckland 1050
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Empurau Malaysian Foods 忘不了, Newmarket