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3 years ago

Located on lincoln road. Lots of parking on site though it is often quite busy. I used to come here quite a lot but not anymore. You can get a lot of food for not a lot of money. We would get a small silver tray/platter that was loaded from the smorgasbord for $15. If you are looking to feed many people at a good price I'd recommend this to you.

4 years ago

A larger Chinese takeaway out West. There's a lovely elderly lady working in the kitchen who's very friendly, caring and jovial. A great little touch of humanity in the madness that is fast food.

4 years ago

My friend recently put me onto this place and it has crazy value for money!!! This is there $29 party tray! 4 dishes piled up giving you by far the most for your money in the area!!!

Shen's Takeaways, Henderson
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1/255 Lincoln Road, Henderson, Auckland
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Shen's Takeaways, Henderson