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4 days ago

Came here for bottomless dumplings which is good deal for $25 as it includes one drink but the dumplings are not that great so you don’t want to keep eating heaps. The first dumpling came out submerged in the dipping sauce bowl which was a symbol of how dull the flavouring of the sauce is to be able to do that, and still need condiments added to sauce to make it flavourful. No chilli sauce or vinegar, the dipping sauce was like watered down broth and soy sauce. The dumplings come in beef, chicken and pork option and you must finish all 3 baskets before getting a refill. However no seasoning in the fillings make it hard to swallow- either no, or extremely subtle seasoning or flavours, couldn’t taste any garlic, ginger, cabbage, chives or anything that would make the dumplings dimensional. It is hard to taste which one is the chicken and which one is pork as it seems like it is just mince and salt. Would not recommend the bottomless dumplings if you value tasty dumplings but good atmosphere and great service, they keep checking up on you and how you’re going with the dumplings/ meal.

1 week ago
3 weeks ago

We went to The Elephant Wrestler for unlimited dumplings. First, my friend made a booking for 10 people but when we arrived, we only got 8 seats. The place was pretty cool, albeit crowded. Live band karaoke was very enjoyable. The dumplings were a disappointment, though. They were mediocre at best, and tasted quite doughy as if they were undercooked. Two of my friends got upset stomachs the following day, but no telling if it was the doughy dumplings or something else. Although it wouldn't be surprising considering how busy they were that night. It was a bit difficult to get service but the waitstaff seemed to be doing their best. They also had soy sauce, vinegar and some sort of oil on the table, which was a good touch although I expected the oil to be chilli oil, but it just tasted like salted oil. Overall I enjoyed the place but not the food. I'd probably go again to try other things in the menu if I'm in the area, but I won't have dumplings again. Just not worth 25nzd even with a glass of beer.

The Elephant Wrestler, Takapuna
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138 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland
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The Elephant Wrestler, Takapuna