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2 years ago

Visited here when passing through at tea time. As a highly experienced chip eater, it's usually risky eating at new places as the likelihood of getting boring and overcooked chips is high. However here I was pleasantly surprised. We ordered a medium chips and 2 pieces of fish of the day. Fish seemed a bit expensive at $4.70 each but it was either that or a dried out pie from a gas station! Dinner was served on a cardboard tray in a bag, so was easy to eat in the car. If you eat in location there is free sauce in the table, unusual for Auckland. Chips were a good mix of squishy and crunchy ones, and the fish was a thick fresh piece. It seemed like it had not been frozen prior and was a bigger portion than most places I usually go. I removed a ratings star for the batter - although it was thin and crispy, it was very greasy. They've done such a good job otherwise. (I note that they also seem to sell some bakery products which I did not sample. I don't appreciate seeing bread loaves out and uncovered in the main shop area, so would not be partaking in those anyway.) Overall I was pleased with the size of the portions and the quality of the fish, and would be happy to return.

3 years ago

the owner (if it’s the man) is very polite, food is presented fast and the quality is always good. i personally think there is a bit going on with the seafood takeaways and the bakery - but whatever works. ice cream machine runs whenever the shop is open. food is of decent quality and the pricing i think aligns.

3 years ago

First time coming here. Arrived around 1pm and ordered their special B. We sat outside, they have a nice outside area. Food was lovely and quite a good size. Value for money. We got 2 fish, 2 potatoes fritters, 2 sausages and chips. Staff were friendly. Will definitely be back.

Clevedon Seafoods, Clevedon
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19 Papakura-Clevedon Road, Clevedon, Auckland
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Clevedon Seafoods, Clevedon