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8 months ago

Very fine Asian cuisine in a little tucked away spot in the meadowbank mall. We decided to try this spot as it is fairly new. We tried the grilled pork Banh Mi, it was delicious. We also got the wontons and pan fried chicken soups and we added extra chilli to make it spicy to our liking. The soups were good portion and very filling.

9 months ago

First time dining at Go Viet today. The restaurant is quite new, has good layout and very comfortable. The young staff who served us was friendly and attentive. We had curry chicken on rice and stir-fried chicken with lemon grass on rice. Both dishes tasted very yummy 😋 will definitely come back again 👍 01/11 - Added photos of pan-fried chicken, rice noodle soup and pork-chop with lemon grass on rice.

9 months ago

Came quite early for a light breakfast, and was pleasantly surprised with how good it was! Didn’t expect much from a food court Bahn Mi but the flavours were quite good together. Bread didn’t look like it was baked in store but it was light and crispy like it should be, and the pate melted into the bbq pork and veges to make a very satisfying bite. The pho was not bad either, but not as good as the Bahn Mi in my opinion. The broth is a little too sweet and isn’t as flavourful as some other pho broths I’ve had. Bahn Mi: 8.5/10 Raw and Cooked Pho: 7/10

Go Viêt 高越美食, Saint Johns
Meadowbank Mall, 35 St Johns Road, Meadowbank, Auckland
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Go Viêt 高越美食, Saint Johns