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2 years ago

Very pretty food for sure! Super trendy and I can understand why people rate Ha! Poke so highly - it’s pretty healthy, wholesome food. I personally was not a massive fan, but it was a decent meal. I felt that the different flavours, textures, and shapes clashed (trying to pick up edamame beans alongside greens is quite difficult) and it was a lil too sweet altogether. Couldn’t quite taste the tuna flavour through all the sauces either, which was a shame. Spicy bowl with tuna: 6/10

2 years ago
3 years ago

Service used to be very slow (up to 15 min wait for food that was prepped beforehand) but they have improved massively in the last few months and are now very fast and efficient. I’ll have to say this is one of my favourite food spots on university campus. Poke tastes amazing and the fish is also very fresh, reasonably priced and decent service is provided. A definite go-to spot for poke :)

Ha! Poke, Auckland CBD
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University of Auckland - HSB Courtyard, 10 Symonds Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland
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Ha! Poke, Auckland CBD