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6 months ago

Lived in Ponsonby for 10 months now, and this is the first I've been here. Really craved honey chicken on fried rice - which isn't on their menu. They were accommodating and it wasn't a problem to make this for me. The best honey chicken fried rice yet! Wontons are also very good.

1 year ago

Not a shadow on its former self! The new owners provide poor service and food standards have dropped since John sold up. Food is over cooked, orders mucked up and The friendly nature that was part of the ‘Happys’ experience is sorely missing! After Happys being a favourite go to local takeout for 20 years plus..... it’s sad to say it’s time for a new local :o(

1 year ago

Our reliable and favorite cheap takeaways! Friendly staff and clean and very tasty Chinese take out. Fish and chips are great too, fish to batter ratio on point

Happy Takeaways, Westmere
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182 Garnet Road, Westmere, Auckland 1022
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Happy Takeaways, Westmere