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2 years ago

4/5 Taste 3.5/5 Display 4/5 Quantity 3.5/5 Customer Service Great Chinese Noodle shop in Panmure. This was the only place that was open on New Years so just walked in without expecting anything. But boy o boy this place was great, especially the noodles. I could not believe how rich the soup tasted. Defs going there again already been there twice in 2019.

3 years ago

Very cheap and very tasty food. No frills outlet with very delicious home cooked type of food. I have been going here for years. The decor reminds me of the early day barilla. Very friendly staff and service of food is always fast. Be sure to visit if going past and your hungry.

3 years ago

What a great lil outlet with cheap and delicious food. Portion size is very generous. Dishes like braised beef in soy on rice is delicious. Beef has a slightly smoked flavour and good amount of sauce with potatoes and onions with a decent portion of rice. The smoked pork roll is another must try here. Smoky pork with sliced cucumber and tofu wrapped in a sort of cross between puff pasty and roti is such a good buy at only $5 you cant go wrong. All the dishes here i can imagine are what food is like cooked at home. Other dishes like kim chi fried rice, chicken in chili sauce with peanuts, spiced lamb bone are more worth while dishes to try. As limited as the lil lady’s english is the service is good and she is so helpful. Nothing fancy but good homely feeling food.

Jia Xiang Feng Wei Restaurant 家乡风味小馆, Panmure
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107 Queens Road, Panmure, Auckland
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Jia Xiang Feng Wei Restaurant 家乡风味小馆, Panmure