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3 years ago

Surprised at the amount of quality roast providers in Avondale. Kiwi Roast is in my opinion the best roast establishment in Avondale, because of their quality of roast and quantity. Even though I rated Kiwi Roast as my number 1, it just beats out Shens. Shens provides more quantity and is cheaper but in terms of sauce and succulent meats I need to go with Kiwi Roasts. Coming in on a Sunday evening, Kiwi Roast is set up like your typical roast establishment. Although one clear difference would be the cleanness, I liked how Kiwi Roast was clean. My test for this is always if I walk in and would my jandels stick to the floor. No such issues at Kiwi Roast. Picked up a small chicken and fried teraki, it took around 5 minutes for me to get my food. The small they serve is huge and for a big guy like myself was more than enough. I liked how they fried the teraki, it wasn’t covered in batter and dripping in oil. The fish had a healthy batter to fish ratio which was excellent. Chicken was a little dry but their gravy was delicious, not overly salty. When I was waiting in line, I saw multiple patrons come in and have a little chat with the owner of Kiwi Roast which was great to see. Showstopper: Great portions and quality for the $$$ you spend. Overall Grade: A-

4 years ago

My favourite place to get roast from! Absolutely delicious. Service needs work though as the caucasian man is not very friendly all the time.

4 years ago

The older European guy that is often on the counter isn't the friendliest, most engaging or happiest person on the planet but the food is pretty good. The pork crackling with the pork roasts can be a bit hit-and-miss -some times it's good and crisp, while other times it's underdone and chewy and the quantity is variable too. The one time I got a beef meal it was very dry.

Kiwi Roast, Avondale
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2057 Great North Road, Avondale, Auckland
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Kiwi Roast, Avondale