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1 week ago
1 week ago

Favoriate korean takeaway, they made best galic soy chicken in Auckland. Portion for one chicken comes with two boxes, also got half and half options available.

2 weeks ago

I’d been coming here the past few years for their fried chicken (which is always amazing), but I was excited to try their 찜닭/jjimdak (soy sauce braised chicken) as I had yet to find a restaurant in Auckland that serves this dish. We ordered it to take away on the phone and went to pick it up when it was done after 40 minutes. When I asked them for the estimated portion size they said it would serve around 3 people, but for us it was perfect for 5 people as we paired it with rice. I absolutely loved the flavour and all the ingredients they used, especially the glass noodle and potatoes. The chicken was soft and fell apart so easily. A delicious meal. Service was very friendly which was much appreciated.

KS Chicken KS 치킨, Rosedale
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33B Triton Drive, Rosedale, Auckland
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KS Chicken KS 치킨, Rosedale