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10 months ago

A local, literally walked there often. Over 10 years but have moved further away, but still stop in when convenient. Pies are not cheapest @ $5 per but the ingredients and on site hand made work cooking and baking from god knows what early hours, the owner and more recently his staff have always been enthusiastic and generous. They bake family size (were @$13 approx) pies as well to order (prepaid) on demand, a few hours or days notice required but so worth it. Ingredients are best beef, same steak is minced, not cheap cuts, and other pies always tasty. I cant be bothered with the exotic ones personally, but the meat, mince, bacon&egg etc, are all class. Two of them is mighty breakfast. Did I mention the great sausage rolls. Awesome. Fruit pies and trunovers equally as tasty- no cream however so you workers dont need to worry about your waist-lines. Every pie gets a paper bag, every multi-order automatically gets a larger paper carry sack (and has been non-plastic over a decade, if ever)... Cash or card, your choice. Closed most normal holidays. Could be my second home if they'd let me...

11 months ago

Recommended by one of our friends. We walked here to grab the best pie in town. One that you must try if you are pie lover.

1 year ago
Muzza's Pies, Mount Albert
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55 Richardson Road, Mt Albert, Auckland
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Muzza's Pies, Mount Albert