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3 years ago

Can’t go wrong with pita pit. Got the usual, grilled chicken with whole meal pita, with all veggies except jalapeños & beetroot. This is my go to meal when I want something light & not too heavy. The veggies here are very fresh & they’re super generous with the amount of avocado they put into your pita!! The grilled chicken is my favourite as the chicken is super soft & goes well with hummus! This is probably my favourite pita pit outlet & so is the one inside albany mall as the veggies are fresh, good customer service & they aren’t stingy with the amount of veggies they put into the pita!!

3 years ago

I am a regular pita pit customer and have been to a few stores in town and north shore. This one in Takapuna is the best amongst them. Staffs are always very friendly.

4 years ago

Great service from the lovely and bubbly girl who served me, and it was pleasantly surprising to see someone who seemed actively, genuinely eager to address me, cook and complete my order. The food was definitely very good by fast food standards when I got the Breakfast pita from this store. The store had plenty of room to dine in which is a big plus as well. After trying Pita Pit for quite a number of times now I think I can safely say I prefer Pita Pit to all the other options out there like McDonalds or KFC food-wise, though McDonald's does offer free Wifi which you can bask in if you wanted to spend some alone time with your technology. Pita Pit seems to have a lot more nutrition though given its wide range of "green" ingredients. Might feel a bit awkward if you were to lounge around for more than 30 minutes as the tables are all quite close to the counter but I suppose they are not really trying to cater to a cafe-style ambiance and dining style. It's more suited to a takeaway option. Would highly recommend if you are looking for a healthy, quick meal while in Takapuna.

Pita Pit, Takapuna
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26 Anzac Street, Takapuna, Auckland
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Pita Pit, Takapuna