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2 years ago

The name says it all! FRESH, the staff is friendly and will always help if you are struggling to choose what to eat! The burgers are to die for and fresh battered fish absolutely delicious. Price might be a dollar or 2 expensive but worth it , I choose quality.

4 years ago

Food ordered: 2x Seafood baskets 2x Mussels 1x Prawn & Scallop Fritter 1.5L Drink Bill: $31.50 Big tummy: Quite possibly one of the best discoveries we've made on the Shore. For $10 you get 2x pieces of fish, 2x prawn cutlets, 2x crab sticks, 2x squid rings, 2x mini springs rolls and chips. They don't skimp on the portions either. In fact, even though it says "bite sized" fish, their pieces of fish are as big as most other fish shops. What makes their deals even more insane is that, if you spend $25+ you also get a free ice cream... we're not talking a little ice cream on a stick or in a cone either. We're talking a full tub of ice cream. We had to ask the girl at the counter if that was right, cause we just felt it was too good to be true. The food itself is amazing as well. The scallop and prawn fritter was just sublime and I was left wishing I had ordered another one. The seafood in the basket didn't disappoint either. The fish and crab sticks were lightly coated in batter, so you could actually enjoy the seafood without suffering through mouthfuls of oil. The prawns and squid rings didn't quite hit it out of the park for me, but that was mostly down to them being crumbed instead of battered - it's not like they were bad though. We even got an extra mussel given to us, which just topped the meal off. Prices that defy belief, delicious food, huge portions. No doubt, we have definitely found our new fish & chip shop.  Little tummy: First of all - free ice cream? Like seriously?? I can't think of a better way to win me over. Throw in the fact that they serve you a ridiculous amount of food for such a low price and I can see us coming back to RFS for all our fish & chips needs.  I can't pick a highlight to be honest. The fish was delicious and had the perfect balance of batter to fish. Ditto the crab sticks. The chips were cooked beautifully. Oddly enough, the only thing I wasn't a huge fan of was the prawns and I usually looooove prawns. I found the prawns to be a bit overcooked, but other than that, our order was everything you could want and more to satisfy a fish & chips craving.

5 years ago

Very nice fish and chips shop very fresh and clean. They also sell fish as well very friendly service. Good quality reasonable prices. Generous size

Real Fresh Seafood, Northcote
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Northcote Town Centre, 49 Pearn Crescent, Northcote, Auckland
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Real Fresh Seafood, Northcote