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3 years ago

The best chinese breadsticks! The best yol jar gway! The best yol teil! Fresh everyday! Best eaten warm! Best with homemade fish congee! I am soooooooo hungry for breadsticks as I write this review! OMG I gonna go & get a 6 pack now! Peace! Out!

4 years ago

Wow what a great lil find. This outlet sells the most freshest and nicest Chinese fried breads, both sweet and savory. So cheap $5 for a mixed bag of 6, 2 of each type. There were 3 types to chose from, 2 sweet and one savoury. Cooked fresh and so delicious hot. The lady behind the counter had very limited english but she was so nice and friendly. I only tried the breads and sweet custard filled desserts but will return to try the Chinese foods. Open so early for a takeaway and they close early as well. If you like Chinese fried breads then be sure to stop in at this outlet to try.

4 years ago

I have been to this shop many times, they sell a very nice long deep fried bread, fresh from the fryer. Not only the long one (youtiao) but they are also selling the round deep fried bread (slightly sweet) this is also nice.  Long bread is very nice to eat with chicken or fish porridge and the round bread is very nice to eat with cold drink or cold white wine.

Silver Lake Deep Fried Bread, Sandringham
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211-215 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Auckland
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Silver Lake Deep Fried Bread, Sandringham