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2 years ago

I was searching for places to eat on Zomato, and I found this gem of a place to try out. I am a guy who prefers tasty food over healthy food but I may have just hit the jackpot with this place. Healthy and really tasty food. The roll, the salad and juice were spot on. Apart from food, the other great part is the people, super nice people. Also, they dont use plastic straws or plastic containers, which I absolutely love as we all should play our part to reduce plastic usage. This is a place that I'll be visiting frequently for sure. :D

2 years ago

I felt like a lighter lunch considering I had too much for dinner the night before. I got the set menu number 2, which included a rice paper roll, a medium salad and a small juice for $13. You are able to mix the salad up but I wanted the chicken pasta salad only. The chicken salad was pretty good and super filling itself. For the juice, I got the pineapple, apple and mint juice, it was very refreshing and you could taste all of the ingredients instead of one ingredient overpowering the others, which tends to happen with juices. My favourite was the rice paper roll, I got the beef sesame with sweet Thai chilli sauce. It was so good and flavourful! I’ll definitely be back considering I live super close to Urban Fuel.

3 years ago

Super berry smoothie and two rice paper roll combo was best decision I ever made for lunch. It is healthy, nutritious and very tasty at the same time. I highly recommend this place

Urban Fuel, Saint Johns
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Meadowbank Mall, 35 St Johns Road, St Johns, Auckland
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Urban Fuel, Saint Johns