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1 year ago

Recently we recieved some discount codes with #ubereats ("eats-kyrstabue" to get $10 off your first order) and we decided to order from Wu Cha as my boyfriend had never before tried bubble tea. Least to say we definately enjoyed the tea! However, when ordering the Oreo Matcha Tea in all the photos I could find there were pictures of the pearls included. I was a bit confused on this but did not want to pay for extra pearls more. I wrote a note to make sure that they would be included but they said they were not included and that you did have to pay the extra price. This confused me as the Wukong Black Diamond Milk Tea came with black diamonds as pictured. Their photos could be a bit more clear but that did not take away from how delicious the drinks were. Both drinks (even the oreo matcha without the pearls) were amazing. My boyfriend loved both drinks! Just thought I would share the info about the pearls in case anyone else was also confused! Overall, definately order, the teas were wonderful!

1 year ago

I first visited this place a few months ago and have constantly gone back after cravings for their dirty milk tea and their real fruit smoothies with cheese. First time i tasted the combination of fruit and cheese here (though now its everywhere) and they seem to use legit real fruit without a ton of sugar. Their milk teas also use real milk and none of that milk powder or condensed milk like most other places. That explains the price which you wonder about, but after the taste each time you believe its worth it- until your 3 year old chucks down 3/4 fruit smoothie in 1 min! The drinks look exactly like the photos displayed and seriously a level above gong cha, hulu cats or momotea.

Wu Cha 悟茶, Albany
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Unit 10, 5 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland
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Wu Cha 悟茶, Albany