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1 month ago

Six years after the horrendous experience at this restaurant, I decided to risk my life to try this place again. The quality of food has improved by miles. I tried the duck breast. The purple cabbage and potatoes garnished with raspberries created a remarkable contrast in taste, but not over the top. The duck breast was cooked just right, not too tough. The only criticism is the uneven marination. One piece was overly salty while the other piece was rather bland. The tiramisu gateau was the greatest surprise, simple but scrumptious!

2 months ago

1. Disappointing menu options, set menus should showcase the best a restaurant has to offer not "what can we make on the cheap" 2. Bread and dips consisted of bread with a dish of plain olive oil and what can only be described as canned pasta sauce. 3. Beef Ragu; no sign of the beef, there were only trace amounts present in the dish, nil seasoning and the pasta was so over cooked the oldies present wouldn't need their dentures. Portion size was so small it was more like a children's portion or at best entree size. 4. Staff were so rude, when we brought up some issues with the meals we were met with a confrontational maitre d who stood over us at the table and later followed us out to the car park to continue arguing with us. Eventually we spoke to the owner who has offered us a refund. I would not recommend to anyone.

3 months ago

Recently changed of management and menu. Food not as good as before. They have entertainment book 1 for 1 free deal, so might be a good choice if you go Matakana for a day trip.

Plume Restaurant, Warkworth
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49A Sharp Road, RD2, Matakana, Auckland
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Plume Restaurant, Warkworth