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2 years ago

Super overrated. Came here because it was metro top 50 (2015) only to find Snobby service, they didn't seem interested to serve us, be it wine tasting or getting us a seat. But once seated, the other waitress was lovely! Which is a waste, because food was actually good! But the service just let us down since it is such a classy place. The view was good but not worth it.

2 years ago

Amazing! Magnificent view, excellent food, great wine. The only thing left is to have great companions that can enjoy every single bit with you. We had one of the balcony tables, we had the privilege to enjoy the sun, the breeze and the surroundings. I hope we could spend more time there. My favorite dishes were the spanner crab salad and the king fish entrees.

3 years ago

Our family had lunch there today (31 January 2016), it was our first visit (will also the last time), the reason we went there because I heard they were one of top 50  Metro Magazine restaurants in New Zealand. However my experience was just terribly disgusting. 1, food: Entrée: I ordered crab salad as entrée, but human hair was found in it, they apologised but it just totally ruined my  appetite.  Mains: I ordered Fresh Market Fish which is snapper. the snapper was cooked ok, but seasoning is pretty much plain, no much flavour, the prawn and potato cigar which is fried, tastes like wax. 2, wine: I ordered a GLASS of Te Whau Chardonnay, it is priced $20.  It is far from expectation. You can buy a BOTTLE of Saint Clair Chardonnay at $14 from Pac n Sav, I bet it will be even better than Te Whau Chardonnay ! 3, Hygiene: while we were eating, there were two big flies flying around, guests next to our table had to wave to keep them away. 4, Service: unbelievably poor. Waitresses are not responsive at all. when the human hair was found, I raised my hand to get attention but I was ignored, we had to approach them to tell. Also the interesting thing is about 2 waitresses at wine tasting area, they probably have too much curiosity or they are just fresh school graduates as both are often standing there and looking at (kind of staring) the guests paying the bills. 5, Seating arrangement: Very confusing. On the same floor, the wine tasting area on the left, the restaurant is on the right. when we stepped in, there was no reception or greetings even though waiting staff saw us, I guess every of them thought someone else is going to greet or has done it already. then we went to restaurant area because we wanted to have lunch, we stood in front of restaurant counter for nearly one minute, one of their chefs said hello to us, I said I would like to have lunch here, he pointed at wine tasting area and said: go there, people there will sort it out for you----but I am here for lunch, not for wine tasting ! My conclusion is: if you want to have decent meal in Auckland, go to French Cafe, Grove or The Meredith. Even though you have been Te Whau, you are recommended to go to these places for comparison. If you want something tasty, go to Burgerfuel, guaranteed even better than Te Whau. if you want to have views during the meal, there are plenty of other options on the island. I am not sure how they were in top 50 Metro list, the view might have 95% weighing and rest occupies 5% ?? If you are a tourist, please note that Te Whau can not represent New Zealand cuisine, you are suggested to try more restaurants for a whole picture.

Te Whau, Waiheke Island
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Te Whau Vineyards, 218 Te Whau Drive, Waiheke Island, Auckland
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Te Whau, Waiheke Island