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The surf and turf pizza was fantastic along with the fries which were perfect and the oysters were super fresh and delicious. The beer was average (we didn't like it) and the range of food left little to choose from. If you're wanting pizza it's great, however we will be looking elsewhere.

I've been here several times, and have always enjoyed the atmosphere and the food. The cost is expensive, but the quality more than makes up for it... usually. Our latest visit was extremely disappointing though, because the manager refused to give us an actual table (we had to sit on deck chairs balancing food between us) saying that they had no tables free, despite numerous tables being free without reserved stickers all around us, and these tables being offered to other people as they arrived. I can only assume it's because they didn't want to waste their tables catering  to only two people when they can seat four, but the manager did not admit this, instead ignoring us and belittling us when we inquired. It's really sad, because the food was excellent as always, and the rest of the staff were perfectly fine.

We came here on a busy Saturday late for our booking so we lost our table which was fair enough. However, Sarah who I assumed was the floor manager, was EXTREMELY rude. She spoke to our group as if we were not welcome and did not try fit us in despite there being an available table. We took this table and were told they were to busy to let us order full meals so we could only order platters or small bite. This was ok with us but our waitress must of caught Sarah's bad attitude because she also spoke to us horribly. Overall the staff lack proper customer service skills and being a regularly busy establishment this should be made a priority.

Awesome spot to sit and have a couple of drinks and a burger, the staff were very attentive and the food was great. Pretty disappointed about the cost of the archery and clay shooting, that was one of the main reasons we went there but  we just couldn't justify the price. Also a bit disappointing that we couldn't split the bill, its not that hard.  And for the number of people that go there in groups it must be very frustrating. Overall a good experience with just a few minor let downs.

We could not say enough good things about this place! First off, scenery is divine. Despite not having booked, we were seated very quickly, and I actually prefer the outdoor seats sitting in the vineyards. We started with some drinks. The Waiheke cider was crispy and refreshing, with just the right level of sweetness from the apples. The ginger one was obviously home brewed, very rich in ginger and has a strong kick. For ginger lovers! The ocean platter was totally worth the price. You are served with 4-5 different varieties of seafood and 3 dips, all of which were cooked to perfection. Husband enjoyed the oysters, while I loved the chargrilled flavour of the prawns. Even the bread was super soft and pillowy, and perfectly complimented the mains. Our hot chips were also pleasant - crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, just how chips should be. The vegetarian pizza was another standout dish for us. It was my first time having grilled hallumi on a pizza, and I am now a converter. The spinach, mushroom, and onions on the pizza were equally delicious. Their base is thin and soft as opposed to the traditional crispy base, but I didn't mind that so much as the toppings were just amazing.  There are also a lot of activities for families to enjoy in the area - archery, clay bird shooting, and other games. Great to keep the kids occupied while the adults are dining! All in all, I would have loved to rate this place with 5 stars. However, the bathroom could definitely do with some cleaning. But other than that, this is seriously one of the best cafe on Waiheke, and I would recommend it to everyone.

Wild on Waiheke Cafe & Restaurant, Waiheke Island
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Wild on Waiheke Vineyard, 82 Onetangi Road, Waiheke Island, Auckland
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Wild on Waiheke Cafe & Restaurant, Waiheke Island