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the food came out extremely slow, we waited over an hour. compared to the quantity and quality of the food, it was too expensive. I highly do not recommend.

It was the worst. I wasted 2 hours on my birthday. We waited for an hour under the strong sun and the other customers who arrived way later than us was finishing their meal. After a few complaining, they admitted they didn't put through the order and we were not allowed to move our table because the sun. She was like sorry it's totally my fault. Thank you for the patient and then left. Even though we waited another 20 minutes we still had to wait for the food. We told them we didn't want the food anymore and then they let us go after paying the wine we only took a sip of. I know this place is popular and is going to be visited by many people in the future as well but I would never ever recommend this place. If you must go to mudbrick then I highly recomend to keep calling a staff and ask them when your food would be coming. Don't mind if they think you're bothering them or not. Your time is more valuable.

The spectacular views coupled with excellent service and quality of meals made it an unforgettable experience. Topped it off with dessert (Tiramisu being the personal favourite) which was again, nothing short of perfection.

The reviews we write are our (subjective) opinion based on that day’s experience, so obviously can vary greatly depending on staffing/food etc on the particular day.  Ate here with 3 couples.  Staff were friendly and attentive.  Food was good (although WHY are there never enough crackers provided on cheese platters??  Come on people, get your cracker to topping ratio right!)  Beautiful setting, would recommend.

We came here to celebrate our first anniversary, place was good with superb panoramic views of water and Skyline. Wine was good but food isn’t that great, very poor choice of menu. Service was of top notch. Ambience is amazing, come during sunset to witness breathtaking views. Sowmya Rahul

Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant, Waiheke Island
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Mudbrick Vineyard, 126 Church Bay Road, Waiheke Island, Auckland
09 3729050
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Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant, Waiheke Island