Gemmayze Street

Tucked in Auckland Central is Gemmayze Street, an authentic offering of Lebanaese cuisine and a 130-year old story of flavour, love and family. Their menu is colourfully presented and unsurpassed in rich flavour, from their unforgettable hummus to the succulent slow-cooked lamb. Marvel at the cosy interior and expansive views of Auckland CBD, as you let the mouth-watering aromas whisk you to the streets of Lebanon.

  • Hours Hāora

    • Monday7 AM – 3 AM
    • Tuesday7 AM – 3 AM
    • Wednesday7 AM – 3 AM
    • Thursday7 AM – 3 AM
    • Friday7 AM – 3 AM
    • Saturday7 AM – 3 AM
    • Sunday7 AM – 3 AM
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